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Central America

Are you interested in a year-long experience being immersed in a new culture and serving with local mission organizations?

Cohort Central America offers you the opportunity to serve in one of five host countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, or Honduras. There you'll be placed with a host family and a mission organization where you'll serve in a role that's just right for you.

Your Location

The Cohort is based in five ministry centers. In each of the locations, Cohort participants, called fellows, live in communities where there is both great need and amazing ministry already taking place to meet those needs. Fellows will see how this transformation is taking place and have opportunities to join their own areas of interest. The emphasis here is on participatory learning, not on world transformation

What You'll Learn

  • Gather with your local community—your mentor, host family, and the organization you serve with. You'll also get to visit other Cohort locations in Central America.
  • Travel both locally and to each host country to meet with other fellows and learn and grow together
  • Grow relationships with a diverse cohort of young adults from both North and South America, learning how your daily work and service fits with God's call on your life
  • Transform through new spiritual habits, retreats, and mentoring calls on personal vocation, goal setting, and vocational discernment.

How You'll Serve

Depending on your skills, education, and interests, we will help you choose a local organization to partner with.


Opportunities for Cohort: Central America