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The Cohort offers a year-long experience in which fellows are immersed in a new culture by serving with local mission organizations at the grassroots level. Each participant is linked to other fellows with whom they will communally participate in service, intensive learning, reflection, and spiritual formation. 

Our Vision

  • Growing generations of Jesus-followers equipped and motivated to serve with and learn from communities in hard places.

Our Mission

  • Equip and disciple for radically transformative lifelong mission: Train together. Learn together. Serve together. Be formed together.
  • Concretely demonstrate a model for missional service and discipleship that is polycentric, collaborative, communal and inter-cultural.

Characteristics of ideal candidate

  • Interested in people
  • Willingness to jump into a new culture
  • Flexible
  • Embraces a posture of learner
  • Christ-follower
  • Humble

What does a normal week look like?

  • Full-time service placement
  • Meet with your mentor
  • Hang out with your host family
  • Participate in meetings at your host organization
  • More!

Examples of Possible types of work

  • Community development assistant
  • Violence prevention trainer
  • Community gardener
  • Youth violence prevention program tutor
  • Pre-school teaching assistant

Spiritual Care

  • Meetings with mentor
  • Theological and spiritual reflection with the other Missioners
  • Exposure to several different spiritual practices
  • Weekly devotionals
  • Participate in a local church