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We plan to continue with our scheduled start dates as long as we can do so in compliance with local and national regulations. We are confident there will be Cohort service opportunities, and we are monitoring the situation on a week-to-week basis. We welcome applications, but ask for patience as we work with our local partners to ensure placements are available.

Cohort spans three regions, each with their own distinctives and opportunities: Central America, the Middle East, and North America. While Cohort placements in Central America and the Middle East span several countries, placements in North America are centralized in Detroit, MI. Each placement is autonomous, locally led, and highly contextualized to fit the needs and expertise within the region.

The age varies by location: Cohort accepts Christ-seeking young adults committed to humbly serving and learning and diverse contexts. Our participants are ecumenical in denomination but unified in God’s call to love our neighbors, seek justice, and be transformed by the Holy Spirit.

Participants who are interested in immersing themselves in new cultures, investing in relationships, adapting to flexible work environments, seeking Christ humbly and with an open mind, and desiring to grow deeper in their understanding of justice, contextualized theologies, and socio-economic systems.

We have a wide range of placements, so be sure to check out individual Cohort pages. Some examples include: community development leader, music teacher, violence prevention trainer, after-school program assistant, community gardener, medical street outreach assistant, or justice and community advocacy leader.

We will work with you to find the best placement based on your service preferences, training, and education. You can select your preferred Cohort on your application, or feel free to reach out to a local director with questions before you apply. While all Cohort opportunities are committed to service in cross-cultural and justice-oriented placements, each location varies in its approach. We encourage you to browse our three different Cohort options: Cohort Middle East, Cohort: Central America, and Cohort: Detroit.

Spanish proficiency is required for Cohort Central America, and language school is available prior to the start date for those who need it. English proficiency is required for Cohort placements in the Middle East and Detroit, though Spanish and/or Arabic proficiency is preferred, depending on location. Arabic language learning is a key component of Cohort Middle East.

Each of our Cohorts are locally led, and leaders are ready to answer your questions. For general information, or to get connected with a local leader, reach out to us using the COHORT contact form.

Most of the workday (25-35 hours/week) will be spent serving at your local placement. Check out each individual site page or position description to see a more detailed weekly schedule. Beyond service at your daily placement, you will spend time gathering with other Cohort participants, hanging out with your host family or roommates, and exploring the city.

We collaborate with you and with our local partners to ensure your work will be meaningful, relevant to your goals, and beneficial for our partner organizations.

Depending on the Cohort location, placements begin in September or January. Cohorts last 10-12 months, with additional time on the front end for language school, if required.

This varies by year and by Cohort. Most Cohorts have between 5-8 participants.

Yes! With any internship, volunteer position, or new job, most people want to make a difference immediately in their new community. But first, we make sure you have the opportunity to listen and learn. Mentors and leaders support you as you learn about new cultures, people, and places, factors that ensure we don't unintentionally do harm while trying to do good. At the end of your internship, we’re confident you will feel like you have made a difference through your work, and your work will have an even deeper impact on you.

Travel intensives, weekly conversations, and check-ins with Cohort leaders and mentors will provide space for theological and spiritual reflection.  You will be exposed to different spiritual practices from within the Christian tradition, participate in a local worshipping community, cultivate daily spiritual disciples, and dive deeply into how the gospel impacts our life and work daily. Spiritual formation also means wrestling with hard questions of racism and brokenness in our socio-economic structures, our justice system, and (even) our church. Mentors, small group conversations, and check-ins with Cohort coordinators will provide non-judgmental spaces to process, pray, and welcome the Holy Spirit’s transformation on your journey.

Most participants live with host families, which allows for language immersion and a strong sense of local belonging. In some placements, participants will live in furnished apartments or communal living communities.  We will work with you as best we can to accommodate your needs and safety considerations.

We do everything possible to ensure your safety, but traveling and serving within underdeveloped regions does carry moderate risks to your health and safety. Local mentors and leaders will guide you in best practices for navigating new cultures and new places. In the case of an unanticipated emergency, Resonate Global Mission ensures that safe evacuation, insurance, and support are readily accessible.

Yes. Costs vary by location, and scholarships are available. Most student loans are eligible for deferment, and some of our locations offer monthly contributions toward your educational loan repayment. Raising support can be daunting. We understand that: we make sure to coach you through the process, set attainable goals, and provide tools to support you. Most participants are surprised by how attainable their fundraising goal has been.

In most cases, student loans can be deferred, requiring no interest and accruing no interest for the duration of your placement.

Yes, all basic costs (transportation, living, food, travel, hygiene, airfare, etc.) are covered through participant fundraising and Cohort contributions.

For Middle East and Central America Cohorts, health and travel insurance are covered under general program costs. For Cohort Detroit, health and travel insurance are available on a case-by-case basis.

Transportation depends on the location. Be prepared to learn public transportation systems, which often require patience and an awareness of your surroundings. Where safety or excessive inconvenience is a concern, participants often take taxis or drive a personal vehicle.

The application deadline for Cohort is on a rolling basis. We encourage you to inquire as soon as possible if you are interested in applying for a Fall 2020 or Winter 2021 Cohort (start varies by location).