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The Cohort is based in five ministry centers. In each of the locations, Missioners live in communities where there is both great need and amazing ministry already taking place to meet those needs. Missioners will see how this transformation is taking place and have opportunities to join their own areas of interest. The emphasis here is on participatory learning, not on world transformation. 

Costa Rica/Casa Adobe

The Casa Adobe cohort center is located in the community of Santa Rosa, a community in which various people struggle with drug and alcohol addictions and children run and play in the streets without supervision. Casa Adobe’s mission is to be a community within the community, to be good neighbors, and to live out God’s Kingdom in a concrete way.

El Salvador/Seeds of a New Creation

Semillas de la Nueva Creación, (Seeds of a New Creation,) is a cohort center located in the heart of El Salvador. Although daily life in El Salvador has been marked by gang violence, Semillas has worked with many gifted leaders to respond to this violence in practical ways that model peace.



Over the years, our partners have helped foster initiatives with street youth as well as a gang chaplaincy program for incarcerated gang members in Guatemala.  Work in Guatemala City includes small businesses in slum communities, the creation of a for-profit investment group,  incarnational training, inspiration and organizational structure towards transformational collective impact in urban contexts.

Nicaragua/The Nehemiah Center

The Nehemiah Center has an established reputation for the ways that it has brought positive change in Nicaragua. Now Missioners have the opportunity to be a part of that change by learning from leaders who have been trained by the Nehemiah Center and are using their training to transform their own communities. Cohort members typically live with a host family and later in a common house for intentional living.

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Honduras/Mangulile CRC

Mangulile Christian Reformed Church began about 50 years ago when two brothers made a trip to get supplies for the bar that they owned in Mangulile. While on the trip, they became believers. The two brothers returned to Mangulile, and started a church. Today, the church has mroe than 400 members who come from all walks of life. Now Mangulile CRC is trying new ways to do ministry in its community, looking for new ways to be God's agents of redemption. Cohort members will team up with local leaders to be a part of that movement.


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¿Estás apasionad@ sobre la iglesia internacional?  ¿Estás interesad@ en explorar como cabes en el reino de Dios? ¿Tienes el deseo de aprender de otras culturas y servir junt@ con líderes comunitarios?

Como caminante, tienes la oportunidad de explorar tus intereses y formar tu experiencia de vivir transculturalmente. Trabajamos en 5 países de Centroamérica con organizaciones locales quienes buscan empoderar sus vecinos para transformar sus comunidades. Cada organización está vinculada con Resonate Global Mission pero con su liderazgo se compone de líderes centroamericanos. Estas organizaciones ofrecen su esfera de trabajo como un lugar para Caminantes a explorar, aprender y crecer.

Sitios y ministerios:

Costa Rica/ Casa Adobe

El Salvador/ Semillas de la Nueva Creación


Nicaragua/ Centro Nehemías


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