Our Team

Marco Avila

Eastern USA Regional Mission Leader

Marco serves classes and congregations from Maine to Florida with the Regional Mission Team. He lives in Paterson, N.J., where he planted New Horizon church, now a thriving church that is looking forward to buying its own property. Prior to his ministry in the CRCNA, Avila taught K-12 in Honduras. Currently, he serves as a co-leader for the CRC/RCA Reformed Leadership Initiative in his region. He also provides regional leadership for Consejo Latino, through which he has linked local Hispanic congregations with a two-year program at New Brunswick Theological Seminary, resulting in the enrollment of 24 new students. 

Vivy Cassis

Administrative Specialist for the Eastern USA Region


Our team of Local Mission Leaders (LMLs)

Diane Averill


Diane's main focus is to develop small group leaders. This goes hand in hand with her position with Global Coffee Break Ministries. As a Local Mission Leader, Diane’s work is not so “local”.  She puts together workshops throughout the region to raise and equip local leaders to be able to lead small groups in their own churches and context.


Bruce Dykstra


Bruce is the LML connected with the Ministries of Classis Atlantic North East (CANE). Having been a church planter himself, Bruce has a great passion for developing leaders and starting new churches. As a strategic thinker, Bruce brings great value to the LML team and to his Northeast ministry area.


Brent Averill


Brent is very passionate about helping missional churches. He is devoted to developing clusters of churches whose purpose is to create space and a learning process to “Go Local.” This process is a journey to discover and join God in the neighborhood.


Benjamin Spalink


Benjamin grew up in Japan where his parents are missionaries. He covers classes Hudson and Hackensack. Ben and his family moved to Manhattan to plant City Grace Church, which is now an organized congregation. Ben also co-leads a church planting network in metro-New York.  


Juan Pablo Sanchez


Juan serves in classis Southeast. His ability to be bilingual (English and Spanish) helps Juan to be more productive in his ministry given the demographic context he lives in. Juan and his wife  Alicia are inseparable working in ministry, so having him as a LML is getting two for the price of one.