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Stretching from as far north as Boston to as far south as Miami, God is at work through Resonate church plants in the Eastern USA region. Even the pandemic couldn’t stop the work of the Spirit from sustaining--and even building--his body through these plants. We hope their stories inspire and encourage you, and we ask that you consider how you can support the plants as they share the gospel through word and deed in their neighborhoods.

Five of these church plants actually began their ministries in the middle of the pandemic, embodying the kind of faith we need to participate in God’s work during difficult times.

And even though these plants in Classes Hackensack, Hudson, Atlantic Northeast, and Southeast are very diverse, they have one thing in common: resilience. One planter says that increased prayer has been key to their church’s resilience. 

Another common thread for these thriving church plants is the increased opportunity to serve those in need in their neighborhoods. These opportunities provide spaces where the gospel can be shared. 

The flexible, outreach-focused church planting mindset has helped these churches adapt, and even thrive in the pandemic environment.They can provide an example to other churches in our region for how to adapt during these times. These are just a few examples of their work:

  • Shamshadeen Mayers, a church planter in Bloomfield NJ, has even seen new families join their church plant as a result of pandemic outreach activities. “I’m thankful that God has kept us during the pandemic. He’s been with our ministry. We’ve kept the families that started with us and added some new families to the work here that God is doing through us.” 
  • Polo Kim, a church planter in South Hamilton, Massachusetts, has been able to serve dinners and provide rides to grocery stores during lockdown periods, and church members are eager to share the gospel with these seekers.
  • Kris Vos at Sunlight Church in Lake Worth, Florida is thankful that their church has been able to provide preschool for families in the community. 
  • Justin Rudy in Boston, MA says, “During this really difficult period of church planting, I’ve been incredibly thankful that God has opened doors for our church to engage our communities. We have gotten to know and serve our neighbors in ways that we previously could not have anticipated or imagined.” 

Please pray for these plants to grow and reach more people in their neighborhoods. 

  • “Pray for God’s leading and provision as we seek to be a blessing to the people of our city.” -City on a Hill Church in Bloomfield, NJ
  •  “As we look ahead at the summer and fall, pray that God would give us strategy, courage, imagination, and resilience as we seek to engage our neighborhood and our neighbors in evangelism and acts of mercy.” -Resurrection Church in Boston, MA
  • Pray for revival, especially of the next generation in our youth group. -Vertical Church in Manhattan, NY
  • “Our prayer is that as we try to develop our core group, our leadership team, that more people would embrace our mission.-church plant in Miami, FL
  •  “You can be praying for a little endeavor we started last April called Neighborhood Table. Through that, we’ve been able to provide thousands of meals from local restaurants and been able to deliver those to neighbors experiencing street homeless and extreme food insecurity.” -The Neighborhood Church in Providence, RI

Your church planters are filled with gratitude for the ways you partner with them to spread the gospel in their neighborhoods: “Thank you so much to our CRC family and especially Resonate for walking alongside on the church planting journey with us,” says Polo Kim from Spring Rain church plant in Massachusetts. 

The planters are praying for you and your ministries as well. This is church planter Linda Yang’s prayer:

“I pray that God’s Spirit would work in the CRC family so that we become a better place, a more kingdom-like place, a shalom place.” 

Thank you again for your prayers and support of church planting through Resonate!