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About this Church Plant

Our Vision is to live "life with God in community for East Boston." We are a community of whole-life disciples on mission with God.

The city of Boston is made up of twenty-three neighborhoods. Ours is called East Boston. “Eastie” for short. It is the 4th largest neighborhood in Boston, with 45,000+ people packed into just 2 square miles. It’s growing 7% faster than the rest of the city. However, it is also one of the city’s “least-churched” neighborhoods. Only ~2% of Eastie residents are in church on Sundays. In other words, while God is certainly at work in Eastie, there is a significant need for a church community to declare and display the good news of God's kingdom. God passionately loves East Boston, and he wants every resident to live life with him. That’s why were endeavoring to plant Resurrection Church.

Our mission is to make life with God accessible (so that Eastie has access to the good news about Jesus),desirable (so that our neighbors see the attractiveness of life with Jesus), and doable (so that our neighbors can take steps with us toward Jesus).

Our strategy is to start and sustain a hospitable, healthy, contributing church.

These are our guiding values:

People: we believe that all people are immeasurably valuable and loved by God

Place: we are committed to the beauty, peace, and flourishing of East Boston

Transparency: we don’t hide our questions, hang-ups, or organizational life

Grace: we receive, declare, and display God’s grace—the heart of the good news about Jesus

Expectancy: we expect God’s Spirit to work unexpectedly in all of life

Diversity: we celebrate and elevate God’s beautiful gifts of difference

Action: we join God on a mission to bring justice, reconciliation, and healing to the world

Our model is the historic parish model. We are hyper-local, focusing all of our community and mission efforts on the neighborhood of East Boston. Our community worships together in order to enjoy and display life with God; and we disperse into our neighborhood to join God on a mission, making him known through demonstration (justice and mercy) and declaration  (evangelism).

In 5 years, we hope to be a hospitable, healthy, contributing church on mission en route to multiplication.