• California, Western USA
    Tomas Ivens

    Ethnos Community Church intends to serve first and second generation Latinos as a bilingual church that connects families with the Good News of Jesus, building a deep community relationships through outreach events, but also with permanant community programs to empower and make leaders in the name of Jesus.

    God planted this dream in our hearts after a conversation with the leaders of Bethany CRC and other local leaders about the opportunity for a Latino ministry within Bellflower. Since then, we have been dreaming as a community about how we can be used by the Holy Spirit to share...

  • Nebraska, Central USA
    Jeff Heerspink

    “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest,” says Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew. In the spring of 2014, a group of faithful laborers stepped into one of the ten original churches in Lincoln. The church was surrounded by a neighborhood marred by the darkness of addiction, homelessness, and violence. The residents of the neighborhood, in spite of that darkness, desired deeply the restorative possibilities of the Gospel and the redeeming reality Christ provides to all who follow Him, a great...

  • Texas, Central USA
    Ronnie Lopez

    Mission: For the glory of God, Filipino-American Christian Reformed Church exists to teach and uphold the Word of God that will bring spiritual revival in our community and beyond through making disciples and planting churches.


    1. To see a Filipino-American Church that upholds sound biblical teachings.
    2. Encourage every believer to engage in true worship of the Triune GOD in accordance to his Word.
    3. To fulfill the great commission mandated by our Lord JESUS CHRIST, reaching out to the Filipino-American community
    4. ...
  • Iowa, Central USA
    Scott Van Voorst

    Friendship Community Church has been committed to seeing the Great Commission (to make Disciples) lived out in our local context since day one. We believe that God grows and guides his church. We believe the Bible is God's inspired word revealing the good news of eternal life through Jesus Christ. It shows us how we can live a life of purpose and meaning right now.

    Friendship Community Church is a community of friends and followers of Jesus Christ committed to cultivating a church community where everyone can find "a friend in Jesus and a Friend in us."

  • Michigan, Great Lakes
    Eric Kas

    Mission Statement: To glorify and enjoy God as we struggle to be and make disciples of Jesus.

    • Why? In short, to glorify God and enjoy Him in everything.
    • How? In short, as a community we will strive to live as disciples that make disciples. This means that we will deny ourselves, take up our crosses and follow Jesus. (Matthew 28; Mark 8).
    • What? In short, this community will seek to be a gathering of disciples that dynamically reaches the community in which we exist
    • ...
  • Washington, Western USA
    Gak Chun Youn

    GRIGO is the story of the living and working God. "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done." Just like the Lord's prayer, GRIGO is about experiencing God's kingdom constantly not just occasionally.

    GRIGO is

    • Gospel : The Gospel is our foundation and beginning.
    • Restoration : The result of the Gospel is restoration.
    • Intercession : Restoration leads us to Intercession.
    • Growth : In the Gospel we grow and mature.
    • Oneness : In all we do, we striving for
    • ...
  • Michigan, Great Lakes
    Mark Van Andel

    Hesed Community Church exists to advance the Kingdom of God in impoverished areas of Detroit through prayer, discipleship, leadership development, and community renewal.  As domestic missionaries, we feel called to reconsider traditional “church” conventions in order to raise up indigenous Christian leaders within local communities. We use a ministry house concept that allows us to build genuine relationships and serve neighbors that develop urban disciples. Taking the posture of a neighbor, but having the support of a network of trained urban missionaries as well as organized suburban ...

  • Arizona, Western USA
    Rene Rivery

    We are a church that is committed to faithful and constant prayer, preaching the Word, worship that glorifies God, outreach of people for Christ, discipleship in faith and knowledge, focus on community.

  • Florida, Eastern USA
    Juan Sierra

    Sunlight Español is a body of believers of different religious origins. Young people, adults and seniors, singles and families, new believers and mature Christians, all have found a place to believe and belong in Sunlight Español. The warm and family atmosphere at Sunlight will help you feel at home from the first time you visit us. Our worship service is contemporary on Sundays at 5:00 p.m. with music directed by a worship group. We offer babysitting, as well as Bible classes for children and teens. We serve coffee with a small snack after the service to allow a time of fellowship for all...

  • Texas, Western USA
    Rev. Dr. John Peter Mukendi Musungayi

    International Peacemaking Church of Christ (IPCC) is a local church within the Presbyterian-Reformed family of churches. We teach the Word of God with the aid of historic Reformed confessions of faith and ecumenical creeds. We focus our teachings on theologies of peacemaking, human dignity, integral development, and the family ministries. We learn to do right, seek justice, and defend the oppressed (Isaiah 1:17).

    There is a need for our church because we are called to plant churches everywhere and there is no CRC church in Dallas. We are trying to reach people of all nations using...