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“You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

When Jesus tells us to be his witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth, he doesn’t simply mean for us to go “everywhere.” His command paints a picture of what living out his command means.

Acts 1:8 Diagram

Acts 1:8 Spheres of Mission



Your home, your church

God’s mission starts at home—right where you are already living and breathing and going about your daily life. It means your church, your family, your friends, and your workplace. Sometimes, that even means starting with yourself.

In what ways do you need to experience God’s unconditional love and hope? In what ways do you and your church community need to grow as disciples of Christ to be able to share God’s love?


Ary Vreeken was on the verge of leaving the church—but then a friend "dragged him, kicking and screaming" to a Go Local meeting. A Resonate initiative, Go Local is a process for individuals and churches to step outside of the four walls of a home or church building and join where God is at work in their neighbors.

"When I started taking 'love your neighbor' literally and practiced it in my daily life, my faith came back to life," said Ary.

Is Go Local a good fit for you or your church? You can learn more about Go Local here.



Culturally similar, geographically near

Next, Jesus reminds his disciples to proclaim his gospel to the entire region, showing how important it is to join with what God is doing in the workplace, in the grocery store, around the neighborhood, and more.


Brookside CRC in Grand Rapids, Michigan, wanted to reach another demographic. So, they decided to plant a church.

Ten years later, that church plant—Encounter in Kentwood, Michigan—is an established congregation with hundreds of members and is the process of planting another church site today. Just a few blocks from Brookside CRC, Encounter has become a home for many young adults and young families who had been having a hard time finding a good church fit.

Church plants have the ability to reach people in our communities that established churches haven't been able to reach. Interested in what it looks like to plant a church? Here's more information.

Encounter Church Bapstism
People in Computer Lab


Culturally different, geographically near

Jesus’ disciples would have taken note of being sent to Samaria, a place in their backyard populated by people different than them. Most people avoided Samaria for these cultural reasons.

Yikes! Sound familiar?

As people move throughout the world for jobs, education, or to seek refuge, our neighborhoods are beginning to look a little more diverse. Our neighbors may speak different languages, dress in different clothes, or eat different food. It can be, well, intimidating. We may have prejudices, or it may just be difficult to know how to immediately connect with them.

But Jesus is reminding us that the redemption he brings isn’t just for the people we are comfortable with! Jesus’s redemption is for everyone.

Resonate’s Journeys into Friendship network is a community of people who are committed to learning how to build relationships with neighbors who may come from a different culture or faith background.

Barb and Norm Fichtenberg are members of this community who have been making friendships and sharing their faith cross-cultural for many years. They've been able to celebrate with friends as they've decided to follow Christ.

Do you live in a diverse neighborhood? Are you interested in building friendships with people from a different cultural or religious background? You can learn more about Journeys into Friendship and join the community here.

Masaii Worship Service

The Ends of the Earth

Culturally different, geographically far

Our work on God’s mission isn’t done until people from every nation, tribe, and tongue worship Jesus! That’s why Jesus includes the whole world in his final instructions on earth. The church is called to have a global perspective, investing in God's work everywhere.

More than 125 Resonate missionaries are serving in 40 countries throughout the world. Many teams and individual volunteers also spend time serving and learning with Resonate partner ministries.

Are you called to go to the ends of the earth? Resonate has opportunities to serve, anywhere from a week several years. You can discover opportunities to serve here.

Some people are called across the world—but they can't go alone! They need a community of believers supporting them. Learn more about missionary support.

Volunteer work in the DR
Woman with children
Kids jumping rope
two men standing together
man teaching class
Two women standing together

Where are You Called to Go?

Some people are called across the world, and some people are called across the street. No matter where God is calling you, Resonate is here to partner with you, support you, and equip you to join with the Holy Spirit on mission.

Find your next step here.