Throughout this week’s mission emphasis devotional, you explored what it means to live out Acts 1:8 in your own life.

But what now? What’s next?

Here are a few ways you can amplify your role in God’s mission:



Join our prayer team

Your prayers make a difference. You can sign up for Resonate’s weekly Prayer Points eNewsletter. Each Monday, we send a list of prayer points from missionaries, campus ministers, and church planters throughout the world. Sign up here.

Explore opportunities to serve

Check out opportunities to serve with Resonate. Resonate has both short-term and long-term service opportunities. God’s mission needs people with a variety of gifts, skills, and experience. You can find service opportunities here. Or connect with one of our amazing placement advisors. They'd love to talk with you about how God can use your gifts, skills, and passions.

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Partner with ministry leaders on mission throughout the world

Give to Resonate. Resonate spreads the gospel through evangelism, discipleship, leadership development, and so much more in neighborhoods throughout the world. When you give to Resonate, you partner with experienced and skilled ministry leaders who are joining God on mission. They cannot do it without you! You can give here.

Simple steps for joining God at work in your neighborhood

Sharing the gospel can be intimidating. It can be hard to introduce yourself to someone—or know what to say or do once you meet someone new. But Resonate is confident that God works powerfully through friendships. Here are a few ideas from your Resonate regional mission leaders in Canada and the United States to help you join God where he’s working.

  • Go on regular prayer walks in your neighborhood and pray for individual households.
  • Volunteer with a local nonprofit organization.
  • Host a casual gathering for your neighbors. Provide something affordable and simple such as a veggie tray, doughnuts, coffee, or lemonade. Make sure to keep it safe and follow COVID-19 guidelines.
  • Offer to pray for your neighbors.
  • Host a front yard prayer meeting.
  • Set up a prayer box outside the front of your house.
  • Write encouraging chalk messages at night so it surprises people in the morning
  • Clean up trash from streets and parks
  • Attend local neighborhood association meetings
  • Be a “regular” somewhere in your community—a park, a coffee shop, the library, or somewhere else.
  • Shovel your neighbors’ sidewalk, rake your neighbors’ leaves, mow your neighbors’ lawn
  • Prepare three questions to bring conversations with your neighbors past “hello.”
  • Start a podcast or a blog to share your thoughts and encourage others.
  • Invite neighbors to run or walk with you at a set time each week.

Want to learn more about joining God at work in your neighborhood?

Go Local is an opportunity for you to grow in relationship with God and discover where and how you can join the Holy Spirit at work—right outside your front door. Learn more about Go Local here.

Cross barriers and build friendships.

Do you live in a diverse neighborhood? Do your neighbors speak a different language than you? Practice different customs or a different religion? Journeys into Friendship is a community of believers who are learning together about building relationships with neighbors who come from a variety of cultures or faithbackgrounds. You can learn more about Journeys into Friendship and join the community here.

Plant a church.

Church plants are able to reach people in our communities that our established churches haven't been able to reach. Are you interested in starting a church? Learn more here.