In Romans 10:15, the apostle Paul identifies two important components of missions — those who “go” and those who “send.” Churches and missionaries are partners in missions, two halves of a team that God uses to extend his kingdom worldwide. They encourage one another, pray for each other, and share progress and challenges. Through their partnership, God is glorified and both parties are strengthened in their vision and mission.

Resonate Global Mission has more than 200 missionaries serving in over 40 countries, and through partnerships, our work extends to more than 50 countries. In the United States and Canada, we partner with 39 new churches, 10 of which started in the past year. We also support campus ministries at more than 35 college and university campuses.

Resonate also partners with churches and individuals to send volunteers to serve alongside career missionaries. Last year, Resonate sent over 440 volunteers to serve all around the globe.

How it works

Missionary Support

The way CRC churches give to ministry has changed. Giving has moved from churches and individuals giving to the CRCNA and allowing funds to be used as needed, to donor designated giving — donors giving in such a way that they know where and how their gifts will be used. Because of this change, as well as a number of other factors, Resonate uses individualized budgets for missionaries. By 2020, current missionaries will partner with churches and organizations to have 90% of their individualized budget covered by gifts designated for their ministries. As designated giving comes in, the same amount of ministry share gifts and general gifts can be used to expand ministry.

New missionaries will leave for the field once they reach 90% of their individualized budgets.

Missionaries’ budgets will vary based on their ministry location and family situation. However, the average missionary budget is based on these percentages:

Get involved

Explore, Experience, Engage

  • Volunteer — Resonate offers short-term volunteer opportunities ranging from a few weeks to a year.
  • Partner — Resonate sends partners to serve with schools and organizations that share a common vision for ministry.
  • A Career — Resonate offers long-term opportunities to amplify the good news throughought the world.

Stay Close to Your Missionaries

  • Prayer — sign up to receive Prayer Points from your missionaries by entering your email address below:

  • Communication — Organize a group of volunteers who will regularly write or send emails to your missionaries.
  • Support — Take special offerings for Resonate at Pentecost, Easter, Mission Emphasis Week, and Reformation Sunday. Your church can support a special project by working with our staff to designate the funds.
  • Visit — Include your missionaries in your congregation's day-to-day activities when they are in North America. Investigate the possibility of sending your pastor or members of your congregation to visit your missionary on the field.
  • Engage — You can find updates from missionaries on the Global Mission section of the Network and on the Resonate Global Mission Facebook page.

In Your Church

  • Missions Advocate — Contact us to learn how you can become the Resonate Global Mission representative at your church
  • Resources — Browse our resources page for more ideas!