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About Jesse and Jari


In 2017, while mentoring entrepreneurs in Nicaragua, we saw the need for training in financial stewardship within the Nicaraguan church—especially in areas such as budgeting, how to save for the future, and paying off accumulating debt. An even greater need exists now with the country’s sociopolitical crisis, which began on April 2018. This crisis left thousands without employment and people have been forced to leave the country to support their families.

Our ministry with the Nehemiah Center helps train entrepreneurs, as well as pastors and ministry leaders on biblical stewardship values. Through coaching and discipleship, the Nicaraguan church can give themselves and their neighbors a more prosperous future and experience God’s goodness and faithfulness in the midst of economic uncertainties. 

With a biblical understanding of stewardship, these Christian leaders can take their businesses, churches, and ministries from survival to prosperity. Our goal is for them to develop holistic Christian financial models that will strengthen their families and communities by providing jobs, hiring others, and increasing church and ministry evangelism.


There are two financial extremes within Nicaragua’s evangelical churches. One is prosperity preaching, where Christians are told they are poor because they do not have enough faith. The other is poverty preaching, were Christians are told to be proud of poverty and live by faith without working. Both are mindsets molded by the world’s culture that need to be unmasked and confronted with God’s truth!

Our ministry focuses on a biblical worldview and the truth of God’s ownership over all things. Financial stewardship is learned in this foundation. Through mentoring these leaders, they in turn become mentors themselves and share the knowledge they have gained with their families, churches, and neighborhoods.

We support the business leaders, pastors, and ministry programs at the Nehemiah Center in Nicaragua. God’s work includes strengthening the economic development of urban areas such as Leon, and the capital city of Managua.

As a licensed registered nurse, Jari also spends time serving alongside health ministries and Nicaraguans in health education and disease prevention.

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