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Your gifts have brought a new understanding of God’s calling to a business owner and dental surgeon in Nicaragua

When Fatima started her own business in Chinandega, Nicaragua, she doubted her management abilities.

“I didn’t know what I produced or how much I had,” reflected Fatima. “I didn’t know what I was managing.”

Fatima craved guidance in running her retail business. Guidance came to her in the form of Jesse Rodriguez, a Resonate missionary who leads a program called Finances for the Kingdom with our partners at the Nehemiah Center.

Growing Understanding, Growing Business

While Jesse helped Fatima understand the business world, he also taught her the importance of living out her Christian faith in the corporate sector.

Instead of complaining on stressful days at work like some of her coworkers do, Fatima now takes “the opportunity to speak of God, so through the business we can extend God’s Kingdom.”

Thanks to your support, Fatima says her business has grown by 80 percent! And with Jesse’s help, she has learned that while running a successful business can be rewarding, there’s no greater reward than showing Christ’s love to others.

“[Business is] not just to offer a product,” says Fatima. “We can offer what God has given us—love, peace.”

God is at Work in Root Canals

Yamilet, a passionate dental surgeon in Nicaragua, was also blessed by the Kingdom Business Center.

Yamilet is a Christian who sees God’s hand in her children’s health and her strong marriage, but had never thought about how her faith in Jesus could make a difference in her dental office. Because of you, that changed and she now runs her business differently.

"I believed that in a business the Lord is not included," explains Yamilet. She didn't see the connection between religion and dentistry. But she heard from the Nehemiah Center’s Finances for the Kingdom program that God cares about her business, too.

“I learned He is the One who has control of everything in my business,” says Yamilet, “And my faith has increased greatly.”

Your Resonate missionaries have truly blessed Yamilet.

“With God I Can Do all things”

Thanks to the support of people like you, Yamilet now sees it as her duty to encourage people in the business world, her ministry field.

“I know there are eyes being placed on me,” added Yamilet. “[God’s] grace has helped me influence those people.”

Yamilet is using the knowledge she’s acquired to bring others to Christ!

What an awesome impact your gifts are having on the kingdom of God. Pray with us for Yamilet, Fatima, the Nehemiah Center, and others as they work to proclaim the good news of Christ in Nicaragua’s business world.