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About Sarah and Dami

Vision and Mission

Sarah serves as an education consultant in partnership with Christian educators in Nigeria. Samson Makhado, former director of ACSI South Africa, once explained Christian education using the analogy of a tree: Christian Education in North America has deep roots but the leaves are beginning to turn brown while Christian education in Africa has green flourishing leaves, but the roots are not deep. To deepen the roots of Christian education in Nigeria, Sarah desires to widen access to quality professional development resources for Christian educators. Her joy is to see Christian educators equipped to walk alongside students to develop an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ and become agents of transformation in their communities.

Dami’s calling is to the arts and entertainment scene, particularly the comedy industry where doors have been opened to share the gospel with many de-churched and former Christians. He leads A Billion Laughs, an organization which he started in order to create opportunities for young comedians to earn decent wages. A Billion Laughs also produces thematic comedy shows that use humor to address social ills like police brutality, internet fraud etc. Dami serves on the leadership and preaching team of City Church Lagos whose vision is to catalyze a gospel-centered movement that renews the city of Lagos spiritually, socially and culturally.

Mission Work

One of the biggest challenges that Nigerian Christian school leaders face in providing quality Christ-centered education is teacher training and development. Sarah’s ministry to Christian schools involves assessing the gaps in professional development resources and designing options that meet the unique needs of teachers on the Nigerian education landscape. Currently, these options take the form of self-paced, digital learning solutions that deliver practical skills and insights that teachers can immediately apply to their work. Sarah’s desire is to provide avenues for collaboration between Christian educators in North America and Nigeria in developing these professional development resources for Christian educators in Nigeria. Her hope is that this will not only broaden access to resources but also lead to a mutual learning exchange of the best practices in Christ-centered education across both regions.

Laughter may not the best medicine; but laughter can be the honey that sweetens the bitter medicine. In Dami’s work with A Billion Laughs, he constantly asks the question – how can we create comedy shows that spark conversations about the most pressing problems in our society? It is not unusual to find guests at these shows burst into tears of conviction and compassion because they’ve been moved to see themselves and others in refreshing ways. That part of his work is second only to the work of guiding and sponsoring young comedians without the ability to self-promote or the desire to live in perpetual enslavement to industry gatekeepers. This work is impossible without forming genuine relationships with the comedians and this presents Dami with many opportunities to share the gospel with them. He continues to serve at City Church Lagos through preaching, leadership, community building and spiritual direction.

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