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About Michael and Megan


For nearly two decades, the people, places, and Christian practices in African cities and towns have shaped our hearts and faith in Jesus and influenced our sense of belonging in community. While walking in town one day, a Nigerian pastor and friend wisely reflected, “Now that we are on this road together, we will always walk together, but our roles change depending on the season.”

While our roles have changed over the years, one thing has remained true throughout our journey in Nigeria, South Africa, and now in the broader Eastern and Southern Africa region - God’s mission of love, truth, peace, and justice is like a steady, dynamic drumbeat rhythm. And we are invited to seek it and join in. 

Within our local and regional ministries, we see faithful communities and healthy teams joining God’s mission, wholeheartedly sharing and living out the good news of Jesus in our families, schools, and neighborhoods


Compelled by God’s mission to renew all things, we journey with our partners to equip and connect leaders who courageously follow the Spirit’s call to embody holistic gospel witness in their families, schools, and neighborhoods. Our regional team and partners focus on deepening four priorities:

Develop young adults and lay leaders for mission

Plant churches that participate in broader church planting movements

Equip and encourage congregations in gospel witness

Minister with diaspora communities.

For our family in Johannesburg, South Africa, this looks like:

  • Mike is the regional leader for Eastern and Southern Africa and plays the role of guiding a team around a shared vision committed to barrier-crossing friendships, growing vibrant Christian communities, and working together for flourishing African cities. Locally in South Africa, he collaborates with urban training hubs and coaches leaders who love their cities and seek its peace. 
  • Megan is using her roles as Certified Child Life Specialist, teacher in play-based learning, and Interfaith Photovoice facilitator to help people see God and each other deeply and bridge divides. 
  • Our home is a place of hospitality where love, belonging, and attentiveness to the ordinary are modelled daily in communal life.

Thank You

Thank you for your prayers, generosity, and support for our ministry with Resonate Global Mission. As an extension of your own church and community, it is a joy to be Christ’s witnesses together! By God's grace, we will notice and celebrate each sign of hope, healing, and transformation along the road as we walk together in a life of mission.

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