How does Go Local Work?

You will join with a few other congregations, ideally from the same or a neighboring Classis. Our staff and volunteers at Resonate work with your leaders to facilitate the journey. Resonate is also offering Joining God in the Neighborhood online cohorts to for COVID-19's unique context. You can learn more about Joining God in the Neighborhood here.

Step One: Introductory Workshop and Clergy meeting

At this pre-commitment event, participants learn about and experience the Go Local process; its practices, commitments and impact.

Step Two: Discernment and Groundwork

Determine your readiness for this journey together with other congregations in your area. This involves taking some time to build an understanding of the process among leaders of the congregations as well as assessing each congregation.

Step Three: Go Local

The Congregational Guiding Team (of 4-7 members) commits to:

  • Meeting monthly for listening, discerning, experimenting and leading the congregation through the process with an external coach
  • Meeting every 3-4 months with other guiding teams to share what they have learned and receive training in next steps
  • Occasionally sharing learning in other contexts such as with Classis, the region and/or Resonate staff

The Clergy Learning Community meets monthly and commits to:

  • Practicing action-reflection learning
  • Reflecting upon the work of the congregation and implications for their leadership
  • Assessing, naming, and developing an action plan for their leadership challenges
  • Reflecting upon experiments in neighborhood engagement
  • Designing communication pieces for sharing what they are learning and experiencing
  • Exploring shared spiritual practices
  • Supporting their guiding team and participating in other ‘Go Local’ elements