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Do you remember your favorite teacher?

He or she probably still influences you today in some ways. In many countries throughout the world, educators want to improve their teaching skillsbut they may not have access to affordable training. That's where Educational Care comes in.

Girl in classroom

What is Educational Care?

Education Care supports teachers and schools with limited resources by providing them with the opportunity to develop skills and strategies for education that honor God, God’s creation, and the children in their classrooms. Its curriculum can be easily adapted to suit the unique context of each region, country, school, and classroom. Through it, Educational Care trains teachers in best teaching practices so they are better equipped to share the love of Christ in their classrooms—which impacts the lives of students, their families, and the entire community.

“My greatest take away from Educational Care is opening my eyes to see the need to erase the dichotomy between things that are ‘spiritual’ and things that are ‘secular.' For me to understand the created, I have to work with the Creator.”

-Stella Pam Yak, Nigeria

Stella Pam Yak, an educator from Nigeria

Give to Educational Care

Educators throughout the world are transforming classrooms and schools with support from mission-minded believers like you!