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Our Story

In many countries around the world, educators want to enhance their teaching skills—but they often lack the time and resources for training. In response to this need, a team of experienced educators with international experience created the Educational Care program. 

Our Mission:

To facilitate and encourage honoring God globally in elementary and secondary Christian schools and their communities. 

Our Vision:

For schools involved in Educational Care to be places where administrators, teachers, and students strive to serve God in every lesson, interaction, and moment.

Our Strategy:

We view Christian schools as important institutions that many Christian parents, communities, and churches use to help their children develop in a Biblically sound, academically rigorous, and spiritually rich manner.

Training Teachers, Impacting Children, Transforming Communities

Educational Care consists of five modules, each addressing a particular learning area. Modules consist of approximately six to ten separate lessons that build on one another. Each module can be covered in four days.

EC 2024 Collage (updated)

The Modules

A Biblical Worldview

Teaching is an important calling from God! How will you live and share your faith in the school?

Preventative and Corrective Discipline for Discipleship

How can educators practice Bible-based discipline within the context of community?

Helping Students Learn and Develop Their Gifts

How can educators promote Christian community and each student’s gifts?

Leadership in a Christian School

How does everyone contribute to the leadership of a school?

The Purpose and Value of Your School

What is the hope in your community for your school?

Through the adaptable Educational Care program and its 5 interactive modules:

  • Teachers are enhancing the relation of their faith with their teaching and learning

  • Christian educators are putting their new skills into action through measurable learning goals

  • Administrators and teachers are realizing the important role of their school in the greater community

EC Where We Work Map