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The Timothy Leadership Training Program is composed of eight training manuals that are taught using an interactive approach, encouraging participants to discuss the materials with each other. They also utilize a practical Action Plan to help participants live out their leadership skills.

  • Caring For God’s People - Care for others, inspired by how God cares for us. Develop a ministry of comfort, guidance, healing and reconciliation.
  • Christian Stewardship - Recognize and appreciate God’s many gifts. Use them generously for God’s glory and the common good.
  • From Harm to Harmony: Honoring One Another in the Family - Acknowledge harmful attitudes and actions in the family. Learn to overcome these harmful attitude and actions in five practical ways.
  • Biblical Preaching - Develop skills to preach sermons that focus on the biblical text, celebrate the Good News in Jesus Christ, and respond to the needs of listeners.
  • Teaching the Christian Faith - Develop skills in preparing Bible lessons that enable learners to grow in Christian knowledge, attitudes and practice.
  • Praising God in Work and Worship - Recognize how God is glorified through our work and through six basic dimensions of public worship.
  • God’s Plan for Sustainable Development - Recognize three important aspects of sustainable development. Promote this development in family, church and society.
  • Fear Not: A Christian Attitude about Spiritual Powers - Understand the power. protection and love of the Triune God and a biblical attitude toward demons, witchcraft, ancestors, and generational curses.


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