• Texas, Western USA
    Leon Vidal

    Our vision is to preach the gospel to the Hispanic Community in the Houston and surrounding cities. Reconcile man to God. Disciple families into a spiritual maturity. Renew the minds of the Hispanic people through the teachings of the word of God. Teach the children at a young age to persevere in living a life of faith according the the teachings of the Bible. Work with men to practice a life according to Christ's teaching. To teach women to respect, love, and nurture their homes according to Christ's teachings. Impact our community by bringing the message of faith hope and love through...

  • Virginia, Eastern USA
    YooJeung Victor Kim

    Our church is to serve the region of North Virginia and to be a church that preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ as we are walking this path with our Lord's grace.

    Our church pastoral vision can be spoken through my five prayer topics: 1) believers who love God's Word, 2) the effective believers in prayer, 3) believers who are good at evangelism 4) believers who are good at love and service, and 5) believers who are full of God's wisdom and knowledge. Among these prayer topics, we will serve continually our church for expanding the kingdom of God until the day our Lord comes, our...