• California, Western USA
    Sam Lee

    Our hope and prayer is that Living Well CRC becomes full of good seeds and soil suitable for the Gospel to thrive. We envision an inviting community that calls to restore “dis-churched”, believers who may, for whatever reasons, have been detached from a faith community. We seek to inspire, equip, and engage them for ministry through the teachings and the grace of the Gospel in action, namely worship, fellowship, discipleship and outreach. Secondly, send the “re-churched” disciples to evangelize the unchurched in their homes, workplaces and neighboring communities. We exist to equip people...

  • New York, Eastern USA
    Kwon Do Lee

    Manhattan Vertical Church places top priority on the vertical relationship with God. In recent day, the world focuses on the people and success which are horizontal, but we pursue the presence of God. We maintain the 4 P strategy which is (1) Prayer, (2) Pneuma (3) Preaching (4) Proclamation. Our church tries to spend much time on prayers. Our prayer includes the rival of the city and all of the nation. We pursue the presence of the Holy Spirit to renew our hearts and to be true witnesses. Also, our church focuses on the preaching of God's words. Everyone should participate in the Vertical...

  • Alberta, Western Canada
    Derrick Lee

    mosaicHouse is a multi-cultural community of house churches leading people to Jesus and serving our city.

  • Michigan, Great Lakes
    Ricardo Tranquini

    Our Vision

    We are a bilingual christian family that embraces the attributes of different cultures reflecting the unity of Christ through diversity.

    Nuestra Visión

    Somos una familia cristiana bilingüe que recibe los atributos de diferentes culturas reflejando la unidad de Cristo a través de la diversidad.

    Mission Statement

    Knowing and making known to our community the God that brings true freedom.

    Declaración de la Misión

    Conociendo y dando a conocer a nuestra...

  • Colorado, Western USA
    Hope Lee

    The vision of New Gate is to raise up generational followers of Christ, who are willing to serve not only in the church, but wherever the Lord places them (whether in schools or workplaces). Since this has been the vision of the church since the doors opened, the Korean Congregation have done whatever they could to build a solid foundation for the English Ministry to build upon over the past 13 years. Thus, the English Ministry, who have been approved and released to be an independent congregation, are able to worship in a paid-off building with the Korean Ministry paying for all the...

  • Massachusetts, Eastern USA
    Justin Ruddy

    Our Vision is to live "life with God in community for East Boston." We are a community of whole-life disciples on mission with God.

    The city of Boston is made up of twenty-three neighborhoods. Ours is called East Boston. “Eastie” for short. It is the 4th largest neighborhood in Boston, with 45,000+ people packed into just 2 square miles. It’s growing 7% faster than the rest of the city. However, it is also one of the city’s “least-churched” neighborhoods. Only ~2% of Eastie residents are in church on Sundays. In other words, while God is certainly at work in Eastie, there is a...

  • Michigan, Great Lakes
    Jon Huizenga

    God is raising up a new faith community in Cedar Springs! We are currently looking for people to join our “launch team” who love Cedar Springs and who can get excited about a new community of love in the name of Jesus in this community. Help us explore: “What is God up to in Cedar and how does He want us to join him?”

    Pastor Jon Huizenga has successfully begun two previous churches, most recently River Rock Church in Rockford. Jon and his wife, Sam, are excited that God is calling them to this new adventure in Cedar. The Huizengas and their launch team partners would love to meet...

  • Washington, Western USA
    Tim & Cote Soerens

    We have seen time and time again that God is at work in this neighborhood. However, there is no community of people that we have found who have covenented themselves to joining God's work and pursuing God's dream in this neighborhood; making disciples of Jesus, and showing themselves to be a public witness of the gospel. In other words, there is not a church.

    Located in the South Western edge of the City of Seattle, South Park has a rich history of community resilience and entrepreneurial spirit as a response to divestment and neglect from the city of Seattle. While this divestment...

  • Michigan, Great Lakes
    Allen Pontarelli

    For over a hundred years the Christian Reformed Church has had a local presence in the Roosevelt Park and Black Hills neighborhoods of SW Grand Rapids. As of last summer when Roosevelt Park CRC closed its doors to the local community, that presence was gone. However, God has placed a group of ministry leaders who have lived in the neighborhoods for well over a decade. This group of leaders has a deep passion for the people of the community and their access to a healthy, Gospel centered Church whose foundation is rooted in Reformed Theology.

    The mission of Southwest Community Church...

  • Massachusetts, Eastern USA
    Polo DongJin Kim, Linda Yushi Yang

    Ephesians 1: 11-12 “In Him we were also chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of Him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of His will, in order that we, who were the first to put our hope in Christ, might be for the praise of His glory.”

    Church is a loving and caring community which we can relate to each other in God’ Word. Chinese culture is similar to Biblical culture in that we put collective benefits above the individual benefits. Our church can bring Chinese immigrants into church by meeting their needs of keeping traditional Chinese culture...