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Help them go!

In 1919, at age 25, Johanna Veenstra became the CRC’s first international missionary. She left the comfort of her New Jersey home for a place she had never been–Lupwe, Nigeria. Johanna settled among the Kuteb people, ministering among them and neighboring people groups for almost 15 years.

Her visits and reports back to CRC churches in North America galvanized support for missions. Several CRC members even followed her to Nigeria. While she did not live to see it, Johanna’s work eventually led the CRCNA to adopt Nigeria as a mission field in 1940.

Funding for the Future of Missions

The Johanna Veenstra Missionary Support Fund will help multiply churches and believers by:

  • increasing the number of available international Resonate employed missionaries
  • helping missionaries, especially those from diverse backgrounds, remain in their ministry context when they have limited connections to CRC congregations and constituents
  • helping missionaries get to the field more quickly when there are urgent ministry needs

Join us in sharing God’s message of salvation with all peoples and nations. Make a gift today to the Johanna Veenstra Missionary Support Fund through our online donation form (below) or by calling 800-730-3490 (Canada) or 877-272-6205 (United States).