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Here's a look at Resonate's Cohort in Central America! Resonate's Cohort is a year-long experience for young adults to join God on mission. Participants, called fellows, engage in deep spiritual formation, live in community, and serve in a local grassroots ministry. 

"I wanted to do the Cohort to have a year to explore living in another culture, learning another language, and exploring my vocation more," said Cohort fellow Jake Bakker. "Part of this program is about being disoriented, but then afterwards, being reoriented. The disorientation comes from being in different cultures, in different contexts, and learning about their history and struggles and blessings. And the reorientation comes from, after unpacking our stories, rebuilding a new one that's more holistic and inclusive."

The Cohort has opportunities to live and serve in three locations: Central America; Detroit, Michigan; and in the Middle East.

Is Cohort a good fit for you? You can learn more here.