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"And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!"

The apostle Paul identifies two partners in mission work -- those who go, and those who send (Romans 10:15). Together, God uses the work of churches and missionaries to extend His kingdom worldwide. Resonate helps strengthen and connect both partners' mission by providing resources, amplifying voices, and sharing in the daily triumphs and challenges that ultimately bring Glory to God around the globe. 

Resonate Missionaries

Resonate has more than 130 international missionaries serving in over 40 countries.

  • Resonate Career-Staff Missionaries are employed by the CRCNA and report to a Resonate Regional Mission Leader. Their ministry, budget, benefits, and fundraising goals are administered by Resonate. Resonate provides advancement support, planning and logistics, encouragement, learning, and care for these missionaries. Resonate Career-Staff missionaries use the updated missionary support model outlined under "Financial Support Breakdown."

  • Partner Missionaries are employed by other agencies or institutions and are supervised by the staff of those institutions. Their ministry, budget, benefits, and fundraising goals are not administered by Resonate. Resonate provides advancement support, planning and logistics, encouragement, learning, and care for these missionaries. Partner missionaries’ fundraising goals are controlled by their employer.

Missionary Cost Breakdown

While Resonate Career-Staff Missionary budgets vary based on ministry location and missionary family structure, the average cost of a full-time missionary is estimated using the following percentages.

Financial Support Breakdown

The total percentage that each missionary is responsible for raising varies, and Resonate has programs in place to help. While many missionaries do raise the majority of their ministry costs, general giving and Ministry Shares fund various missionary program costs as well. In 2014, our updated missionary support model was adopted, which covers roughly 75% of the total cost of the Resonate Career-Staff Missionary Program through direct giving. General giving, including ministry shares, is raised to fund the remaining 25%. Additionally, Resonate’s advancement team fundraises to help close any remaining gap between the cost of the mission and what has been raised. 


Missionary Support Diagram

Advancement Team Fundraising

Resonate’s advancement team fundraises for the gap between what is raised by missionaries and the total cost of the missionary program. About one-third of the funds for the Resonate Career-Staff Missionary Program come from general giving and ministry shares. Resonate’s advancement team continuously raises these funds to ensure that missionaries are not solely responsible for the total cost of the missionary program.

Additional Financial Support

The Johanna Veenstra Fund exists to help missionaries who have challenges in fundraising. This board-designated fund assists missionaries, especially those from diverse and minority backgrounds, to remain in their ministry context when they have limited connections to traditional Christian Reformed Church congregations and supporters. 

Spiritual and Emotional Support

To thrive in cross-cultural ministry, missionaries need a strong support system that not only provides financial stability, but also spiritual and emotional care. To be good senders, the people of God have a critical role in this Great Commission task: prayer. God uses your prayer to open doors, provide safety, sustain during hardship, bring resources to bear, and soften hearts.

"Churches and donors are a known constant in a changing world. They help form the foundation. They are the lighthouse. Strong support means knowing they have my back. I can count on them, and I don’t need to worry about them - sort of like family." - Steve Holtrop, Nicaragua Resonate Missionary