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In recent months, a series of violent outbreaks that have occurred between neighboring tribal groups in Taraba state, Nigeria. The majority of people in this area are Christians, but recent disagreements over land rights have led to violence and retaliation rather than Christian love and fellowship. This fund was created in response to the tragic death of Rev. Emmanuel Bileya and his wife Juliana. Please continue to pray for the people involved and for all who have lost loved ones and consider a gift to the Nigeria CRCN Intertribal Peace Empowerment Fund.

*Resonate will be working closely with the Christian Reformed Church of Nigeria and Bileya family to see that the needs of the Bileya children are being met. Arrangements are also being made to assist the children and members of Emmanuel's church with trauma healing counseling. A portion of gifts to the Intertribal peace empowerment fund will be put towards this use)