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The following list contains questions that may be used to facilitate discussions with missionaries about their spiritual, emotional, and family care issues. This is not a checklist but a guide. Remember, the goal of the visit is to listen and learn, rather than counsel, fix their problems, or give unsolicited advice.

Spiritual Health Questions

  • What are you doing to satisfy your hunger for God’s presence?
  • What spiritual disciplines do you find most helpful for growing in Christ-likeness? For gaining intimacy with God?
  • Do you have a regular practice of a 24-hour Sabbath? Do you schedule times for spiritual rest and renewal?
  • Do you have a personal intercession team? How do you equip them?

Emotional Health Questions

  • Who affirms or encourages you? Who do you affirm or encourage?
  • Are you in an accountability relationship? How do you connect and how is it going?
  • Do you have a balanced, godly rhythm to your life?
  • How are you experiencing community in your life?

Family Health Questions

  • How are the spiritual needs of your family being met?
  • Are each of your family members getting enough of your time and attention? Does your calendar show a God-honoring balance between family and ministry?
  • What do you do to nurture a deepening relationship with your spouse?
  • Are your children growing and maturing in their faith, and are they ready to make a personal commitment to follow Christ?
  • What needs do your children living away from you have? What are your plans to meet those needs?

Missionary Team Questions

  • Describe your current team members.
  • How does your team function?
  • How are team relationships going?
  • Are there fellowship times?

Ministry Questions

  • What are your current responsibilities? Are you attending well to those or spending lots of time on other pursuits?
  • What do you hope to see happen?
  • What is going well in ministry, what is going poorly?
  • What do you enjoy the most in your ministry? Is your ministry a good fit for you?
  • What are your greatest struggles in ministry at this time?

General Questions

  • Are there any issues that we, as a supporting church can help with?
  • Is there anything we can do to better encourage, support, and help?
  • How would you rate the degree of connection you feel to this church, to other churches?
  • How could it be better from your perspective?
  • How can we more effectively pray for you?
  • What one thing would be most beneficial to your ministry right now?


Note: Be attentive to repeated comments or issues. Spend time in prayer around specific needs and issues that have surfaced in the visit. Be alert to needs that are expressed and let the missionary know how you will address them if possible.