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Basic Requirements

  • Experiment leaders must be officially or relationally connected to the Christian Reformed Church in North America (CRCNA) to be eligible for a grant. For example, experiment leaders could be people within  a congregation or faith community or they could be pastors, church planters, campus ministers, or employed by or be a CRCNA partner. 
  • Eligible projects will experiment in a particular track and around one or more of the adaptive challenges and meet the parameters listed for that track. 
  • The experiment project must be focused; it must have a start and end date and must be completed within the timeline of the grant program.
  • Experiments must be designed and implemented with a team of two or more people and must include the process of action-reflection-theology with the experiment team in the design. For an explanation of action-reflection-theology please go to the Resources section.
  • Only new projects, projects that are an iteration on a previously funded experiment, or projects that are a significant change to an already existing program will be considered. 
  • Eligible projects will be contextual. They will be local or glocal (global + local).

Grant Amounts & Parameters

  • $3,000-$5,000 for newly designed experiments.
  • Up to $10,000 for experiments that are an iteration of an experiment approved in a previous grant cycle.
  • Grant funds may not be used as compensation for experiment leaders.
  • Experiment leaders are responsible for keeping a detailed record of how the grant monies are spent. You will be required to turn in a final report at the end of the innovation experiment cycle.
  • If your experiment design changes or you are no longer able to complete your experiment design you asked to contact Claudia Williams at to discuss next steps with regards to the experiment and grant monies.

Learning Circles & Innovation Experiment Gathering

  • Experiment leaders will be expected to participate in a learning circle where they will have the opportunity to learn from other experiment leaders and members of the Resonate Global Mission program staff who will be your learning circle facilitator. You will be assigned to a learning circle once your experiment proposal is approved.
  • Learning Circles will follow this Learning Process.
    • Please read the learning process carefully and be prepared to complete the learning process requirements.
    • You will have two meetings with your learning circle: a Before Action Review meeting and an After Action Review meeting. 
    • In addition, your learning circle facilitator(s) will also check in with you and you will have opportunities to connect with them as needed. 
  • Some experiment leaders will be invited to participate in the Innovation Experiment Gathering where experiment leaders will be able to learn from other leaders and to celebrate the work each has engaged in through the innovation experiment process. If invited, you will be asked to create a presentation that reflects your learnings and experiences with your innovation experiment. You are encouraged to be creative with your presentation. For example, your presentation could be a video or movie, a written narrative, visual or graphic presentation, art project, etc. 

October 17 - December 15, 2022: Application process open

January 13, 2023: Experiment leaders informed of decision

January 25 or 27, 2023: Experiment Leader Orientation

February 10, 2023: Grant distribution

February 13 - 17, 2023: Deadline for Before Action Review (BAR) Circle Meeting**

February 2023 - September 2023: Run experiment

September 25-29, 2023: After Action Review (AAR) Circle Meeting** & Final Report due

October 2023: Innovation Experiment Gathering

**Your learning circle facilitator will work with your group to determine exact dates.