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Our Partners

Pinetree Leadership Development Network

Bill Johnson
Bill's leadership, teaching ability and solid mentoring is key to the success of this network. Presently over 35 students are involved with the monthly meetings. Most are involved with ministry with three students interested and have potential to be church planters. Bill is mentoring each one of these. Bill has equipped two other CRC pastors to teach with him, Jamey Simpson [River of Life Christian Fellowship Athens, ME] and Ryan Goding [Summit Community CRC, Farmington, ME]. This thriving ministry has been bearing fruits for years. Since the beginning Home Mission’s financial investment was small but the return was amazing. Home Missions was instrumental in developing it and now Resonate continues supporting and recognizing God’s blessing upon this ministry.


James & Jenny Kim are church planters of “Grace Syracuse CRC” in Syracuse, New York.

Rev. James Kim
James' focus for the first year is assessing and serving the communities surrounding Syracuse. The neighborhood that has shown the most need is North Syracuse. It is the most dangerous side of the city yet the one with the most need and the most response.

James connects with the homeless community through the distribution of food [mostly bread] that is donated from his employer Wegemans. This has shown James the need and how others are trying to help. James has unified several pastors for prayer and churches to help.

The other area of serving is through the local school. James supports a Good News group at a North End Elementary School. Finally, James and his family hosts a small group each Sunday morning for worship, prayer and teaching. Though the assessment of the area is still in progress James is encouraged by the partnership with Resonate, the fellowship of church leadership and the positive movement at the school and with the homeless community.


Resurrection Church in East Boston, MA. 

Justin & Sarah Ruddy
Justin has been ordained in Classis Atlantic Northeast as a Commissioned Pastor and is presently enrolled in the EPMC program through Calvin Theological Seminary. Justin is finishing his time at City Church where he is the small group's pastor at the end of June 2018. During the six months the follow, Justin and Sarah will be recruiting a leadership team, training that team, praying for East Boston, fund raising and preparing to start church planting efforts in January 2019.


The Neighborhood Church (Emerging church)

Joe & Karisa Paravisini
Joe & Karisa Paravisini live on the south side of Providence, Rhode Island. Though this side of the city has the roughest reputation, the Paravisini's felt God's call to establish a home and start a ministry there. The summer of 2017 they bought a house and moved into the community. This began a season of getting to know their neighbors and neighborhood. Praying through the area, getting involved with community groups, help revitalize the park playground and gather leaders has been their venture into planting The Neighborhood Church in partnership with classis and Resonate. Joe & Karisa have been trained through 3DM and are working with a group in a huddle. The huddle is where leaders are trained, prepared and exercise leadership. This group is the beginning of their leadership team.


Missional apprentice (prayer and praise) residency program at Emmaus City Church Worcester, MA.

Tre'vous Weaver
Tre'vous Weaver is the first person to fill this residency at Emmaus City Church with the financial partnership of Resonate Global Mission and Classis Atlantic Northeast. Role & Responsibilities: To love Jesus, Emmaus City Church, and the city of Worcester; to play a lead instrument (i.e. keyboard or guitar) and sing in a way that brings hymns, Gospel, multicultural and modern musical influences to worship times; to help develop quality singers and musicians with the Emmaus City Associate Director of Liturgy Arts, and help choose and lead songs for services; to meet with Pastor Mike weekly to review liturgy and songs; to be committed to a City Group; to gather with Emmaus City for Sabbath gatherings and Gospel Mission Trainings (GMTs); to work a steady part-time job and live in the city of Worcester; to fundraise support for any needed additional funding.


Small groups ministries

Diane Averill
Resonate has also partnered with Diane to resource, train, and encourage leaders in local churches and classes with their small group ministries.  Diane helps and promotes Bible study through Discover Your Bible and Coffee Break specifically for discipleship and community outreach. She does this through individual and cluster coaching, retreats, training events, and the production of materials.


The Kingdom Enterprise Zone

The Kingdom Enterprise Zone is a collaborative church renewal and planting network made up of leaders in Metro NYC from the RCA and CRC. It is co-led by CRC planter Ben Spalink (New York City) and RCA restart pastor Doyle Degraw (Stoney Brook, LI). The network seeks to cast vision for church planting, recruit and support leaders through grants, coaching, resourcing and community fellowship.


City On A Hill CRC

Rev. Shamshadeen Mayers 
Sham is preparing to plant a church in his hometown of Bloomfield, NJ through a residency with Restore Church in North Haledon, NJ.  The residency is designed to give him hands-on experience in a church plant setting and also incubate him as he prepares to develop a core group that will focus on discipleship in Bloomfield.  

City On A Hill “You are the light of the world. A city on a hill can’t be hidden. Also, people do not light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead, they put it on its stand. Then it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine in front of others. Then they will see the good things you do. And they will praise your Father who is in heaven." (Matthew 5:14-16)


Stony Brook Campus Ministry

Pastor Joseph Byun is planting a campus church for Korean US and International students at Stony Brook University in Long Island.  The ministry emphasizes discipleship and Bible training and also seeks to witness to the non-believing international student community.  Pastor Joseph serves a church in Queens called East West Church which together with Resonate partner with him in reaching the students at Stony Brook.  


Kendall Everett: campus minister

Following in the gigantic footsteps of Ken Vanderwall, Kendal Everett, a former mentee of Ken’s, is partnering with Resonate and InterVarsity to reach William Paterson University, his Alma Matter. IV emphasizes discipleship, social justice, leadership development and global witness. In one of his newsletter Kendall wrote” Each of these students are made in the image of God. Each of them is valued by their Creator. We celebrate when someone cautiously takes a step toward the Savior of the world and grieve when others have hardened hearts. But regardless of someone's response, our role as witnesses is to lovingly point people to Jesus. Sometimes it's hard to face rejection, but if we stopped trying for fear of rejection, we would rarely have reason to celebrate.” Kendall also shared a story,

“A couple of weeks ago while making invitations, we stopped in the arcade. While there, a few of our students talked to a student for a long time. He comes from a Muslim background, identifies as agnostic, but was genuinely intrigued about Jesus. One of our outreach warrior, lovingly asked more questions about his own perspectives and asked if he had explored what the Bible had to say about Jesus. He had not. We invited him to a Group Investigating God… Thursday another student and I held a GIG with him. Now we're meeting again tomorrow to dig deeper!”


Ministry Internship - Spirit and Truth Fellowship CRC

Grant Hofman
Spirit and Truth Fellowship CRC (STF) is located in an inner city, primarily African American and Hispanic community in Philadelphia. The church has begun or is associated with a wide range of ministry opportunities that provide holistic opportunities in which Grant can participate. The internship seeks to provide Grant with experience in teaching, chaplaincy, counseling, administration, pastoring, preaching, governance, church planting, and personal growth. The goal of this year is to continue to develop Grant’s gifts and abilities in cross-cultural, multi-ethnic ministries, to serve God in an urban, cross-cultural context.


Classis Southeast area

John Granada and Aaron Mamuyac are two new prospect church planters being equipped trough internships under the coverture ministry of Sunlight Port St. Lucie. John is expected to start the church plantation in 2019.


Sunlight Community Church Lake Worth

Rev. Kris Jay Vos
Pastor Kris Vos had shared that “66,000 new residents moved to South Florida between 2013 and 2014. But a statistic like this does not tell the full story of the diversity in ethnicity, age, spirituality and income of the people of South Florida.” He said. Kris also pointed out that “In the middle of this tremendous growth is the city of Lake Worth. It is an old city that, in spite of its growth, still has a small-town feel. In the middle of this unique area is Lake Worth Christian Reformed Church (CRC). Like many of the churches near downtown Lake Worth, it is downsizing. As the community has changed and grown the church has declined. The potential for Kingdom impact, however, is tremendous. Sunlight Community Church of Port St. Lucie (PSL) heard that Lake Worth CRC was struggling. Sunlight has seen amazing Kingdom impact in its community, so it felt led by God to take under its winds this struggling church and covenant with it for a new start in Lake Worth.” Sunlight knew that the first step was finding a church planter with the unique gifts to restart a congregation. And God sent Kris Vos to lead this restart journey. Resonate has partnered with Kris to strengthen the mission he has ahead.

Sunlight Community Church Lake Worth


Sunlight Spanol

Sunlight Community Church has also birthed a ministry in Spanish led by pastor Juan Sierra who has been advancing God’s kingdom in partnership with Resonate for the last three years. He and his wife Libna have the vision to serve the multicultural, bilingual community of Port St. Lucie with the message of the Gospel.