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Resonate Global Mission - Engaging People. Embracing Christ.

together we resonate

We all have a calling; We all have a voice.

Resonate Global Mission is focused on equipping the Christian Reformed Church for that calling—for living and sharing the good news, so that it goes out in every direction like an expanding, amplifying sound.

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Transforming the world spiritually and socially

We believe that the Holy Spirit is igniting a global gospel movement and we can join in by investing in three critical strategies and our four priorities.

  1. Develop young adults and lay leaders for mission

    We will mentor and disciple diverse groups of young adults and lay leaders so together we may share the good news and live out the gospel.

  2. Plant churches that participate in broader church planting movements

    We will catalyze the planting of diverse churches locally and globally that seek spiritual and social transformation in their communities.

  3. Equip and encourage congregations in gospel witness

    We will equip communities of disciples locally and globally to discern the Holy Spirit’s work and boldly follow the Spirit into relationships that demonstrate the love of Christ.

  4. Minister with diaspora communities

    We will mobilize believers inside and outside communities of immigrants, migrants, refugees, and international students in a way that welcomes and embraces them.

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    Forming Leaders

    We want to see an increasing number of Christians formed to live out, influence, invite, engage, and equip others to join God’s mission.

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    Sending Congregations

    We want to see an increasing number of diverse, locally-rooted, and globally-connected congregations and ministries sent to live out the good news of Jesus.

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    Connecting Networks

    We work to foster an increasing number of networks of leaders connected in relationships of mutual learning, trust, and influence.

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