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Our Story

In many countries around the world—particularly in places of economic need and social upheaval—the Christian church is experiencing unprecedented growth. While this growth is exciting, it is common for pastors and other church leaders to be appointed with little or no training. And while many have the passion to serve, they are often inadequately prepared, resulting in discouragement and poor teaching.


Recognizing this acute need, an international team of educators came together during the 1990s to address this challenge starting in Africa. The team represented a variety of mission groups and churches. Over the next two decades, the team designed, field-tested, and continually revised what is today the Timothy Leadership Training Program. 

For over 25 years, Timothy Leadership Training has provided essential training to church leaders worldwide, equipping them to advance the Kingdom of God in their congregations and communities. Today, the training is being implemented in over 40 countries worldwide and is available in more than 35 languages!

Churches and Communities That Have Implemented Timothy Leadership Training Have Seen Many Positive Results

  • Pastors’ salaries are paid on time.

  • Churches are built using only local funds from tithes and offerings.

  • Agricultural and economic development programs are established, benefitting villages and urban neighborhoods.

  • A new spirit of evangelism and outreach enables new churches to be planted.

  • Parents are reconciled with their children and marriages are restored.

  • Pastors preach sermons based on the Bible and that point people to Jesus.