• Campus Ministry at the University of Northern British Columbia
    British Columbia, Western Canada
    Sharon Dhavale

    The CRC campus ministry at the University of Northern British Columbia, Prince George, seeks to embody God's love in a tangible way on the university campus. This is done through the facilitation of faith formation, worship and gospel proclamation, servant leadership, encouragement, and mercy and justice. The campus ministry seeks to encourage and foster the spiritual wellbeing of the whole UNBC community. The campus ministry is committed to representing Jesus Christ in an academic setting for students, faculty, and staff.

    Donations can be made directly to:  “Christian Reformed...

  • Illinois, Central USA
    Alex Schoor

    We are a church at Loyola University Chicago that seeks to love God and love our campus. Our members make up an inter-denominational community that is supported by the Christian Reformed Church.

  • Iowa, Central USA
    Rev. Seongjun Kim

    Ames Korean Campus Ministry is working for Korean students(studying abroad from Korea) in Iowa State University. There are 20-30 students in our ministry, now.

    Our worship services is on Sunday (11:30am) and Friday (7pm).
    Students small group leaders Bible study is every Thursday 7pm.
    Students small group meeting is on Sunday(1:45pm).
    We have two times retreat in Summer and Winter.
    And we are trying to make some activity program for students.

  • Iowa, Central USA
    Tyler Helfers

    Recognizing the influential role of the university in our society–and the world–Areopagus seeks to reflect the ongoing relevance of the Gospel and Christian worldview to all facets of life for the students, faculty, and staff of Iowa State University. 

    Areopagus is a ministry of the Christian Reformed Church in North America (CRCNA), and brings a distinctly Reformed perspective to everything it does.  We care deeply about the university and want to see it flourish.  We care about creation and our community. And we care about connecting people to the local church and participating...

  • Alberta, Western Canada
    Paul Verhoef

    Embracing students, faculty, and staff in intentional community, campus chaplaincies engage their campuses, bringing the Gospel in word and deed. Campus Chaplains are there to facilitate faith formation, worship and gospel proclamation, servant leadership, global mission, and mercy and justice. Chaplains are supportive listeners who are on campus to support campus well-being and encourage students, faculty and staff on their spiritual journey.

  • Michigan, Great Lakes
    Matt Ackerman, Bailey Sarver

    The Campus Chapel is a ministry of the Christian Reformed Church to the University of Michigan. For more than seventy-five years, the Chapel’s mission has been to foster a community of students, faculty, and others devoted to “loving God with heart and mind” in all that God has called them to do.

    The Campus Chapel is a Christian community…

    At the Campus Chapel, we do more than worship together on Sunday morning; we do life together. We share a meal together on Wednesday night. We study the Bible together. We discern, pray and reflect together. We play...

  • Michigan, Great Lakes
    Dara Nykamp


    We host Bible studies, social events, and academic presentations, as well as providing encouragement, community, and a listening ear. Join us as we ponder how faith affects our various academic disciplines and learn better how to make space for our academic disciplines to affect our faith and the way we live our lives.


    Campus Edge Fellowship is a Christian organization that exists to provide support, solidarity, and fellowship to the graduate students and professional academic community of Michigan State...

  • Michigan, Great Lakes
    Scott Stark

    Campus Ministry @ GVSU is a community of Christ followers called to: Engage college students with the life-changing love of God, Disciple leaders who make disciples, and be a bridge to Jesus Christ and his local church worldwide.

    Campus Ministry @ GVSU was started with one goal: love college students towards Jesus. Now, over 50 years later, Campus Ministry serves over 1,000 students each year and involves over 200 students in student leadership positions! With the support of donors and the help of volunteers, we are able to host weekly worship gatherings ("The Well"), hold Campus...

  • Illinois, Central USA
    David Seymour

    We exist to... 

    • Evangelize and disciple students with a special focus on African American and Hispanic students 
    • Pray persistently for God to create, nurture, and develop a disciple-making-ministry among faculty, staff, and students: Psalm 2:8 and Matthew 9:37,38 
    • Organize small group Bible studies and other gathering event to cultivate community as a context for teaching and preaching the Word of God 
    • Mentor and disciple students through one-on-one ministry, especially with students that demonstrate an eagerness to grow spiritually 
    • ...
  • Illinois, Central USA
    Rosetta Polk-Pugh

    We exist to minister to the students, faculty and staff at Kennedy King College (KKC) and Chicago State University (CSU). Our vision is to help connect them to God, sharing His love with all we encounter.  Though we meet at CSU, we connect students at KKC and CSU together.