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About this Campus Ministry

The Campus Chapel is a ministry of the Christian Reformed Church to the University of Michigan. For more than seventy-five years, the Chapel’s mission has been to foster a community of students, faculty, and others devoted to “loving God with heart and mind” in all that God has called them to do.

The Campus Chapel is a Christian community…

At the Campus Chapel, we do more than worship together on Sunday morning; we do life together. We share a meal together on Wednesday night. We study the Bible together. We discern, pray and reflect together. We play Ultimate Frisbee and board games together. We volunteer together. Our purpose as a community is to encourage one another to live and to love as Jesus did, in every moment and in every way.

…that loves God with heart and mind.

We value going deep into scripture, deep into relationship with God and others, and deep into theological study about God and God’s world. At the Chapel, we engage our doubts by asking the tough questions. Given our context on the campus of a world-renowned university and our roots in the Reformed tradition, we value thoughtful theological reflection. This means that we engage God and the world on both an emotional level and an intellectual level. As we do so, we come discover that God and God’s world are more remarkable than we ever could have imagined.