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Mark Wiersma leading an Educational Care training

The educational training you are providing for Christian schools in Nigeria is in high demand!

Teachers and administrators have grown weary of their nation’s lack of investment in education. They call for “building a new Nigeria through education,” but need new tools to make this possible.

Thanks to your support for Educational Care, a learning program of Raise Up Global Ministries facilitated by Resonate Global Mission, Resonate is building up Christian schools! Teachers are growing in their understanding of how our Christian worldview can be integrated into different subjects and other aspects of school life.

A New Offering

Resonate missionary Mark Wiersma describes how word is getting out about Educational Care and attracting the attention of Christian Schools. “Educational Care is offering something that maybe hasn’t been found for some time,” he says.

In recent months, administrators and teachers in a few local schools have seen changes in neighbor schools and teachers who have participated in Educational Care workshops.

People are drawn to Educational Care when they notice how leadership development training for just a few teachers per school is showing larger and more lasting benefits than any other kind of in-service training before now. “The other teachers in those schools want some of whatever it is that’s changing their EC-trained colleagues and their students,” says Mark.

Early Results

Already, your support is cultivating teachers into leaders who are becoming role models. These role models are the greatest need you are providing after decades of dysfunction. And what’s more, many who train with Educational Care workshops are already helping coach colleagues both in their own schools and beyond!

Each class that graduates from Educational Care creates an opportunity to impact tens of thousands of students over the next year. The word is spreading fast about how training from Resonate is helping Christian schools in Nigeria. Right now, administrators and teachers from multiple schools are excited to receive leadership development training. That’s the impact your donation has!