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About Willemina


Imagine being part of a milestone experience in the life of a young adult. Picture young adults, living in intentional Christian community while working at summer jobs. See them being mentored by various Christian role models who engage questions around the biblical story, a Reformed worldview, creation care, theology of place, vocational discernment…to name several. Envision these young adults participating in the worship and life of Immanuel Christian Reformed Church in Simcoe. Watch these young adults as they learn how their story shaped by God’s story can impact the world’s story.

Vision and Mission

Raising up emerging adults who are disciples of Christ, integrating faith and life in ways that seek transformation of themselves and alignment with God’s kingdom of shalom. They will be equipped to seek the flourishing of themselves, others and God’s world in ways that cultivate the common good and act as tangible signposts of Christ’s reign in the now and not yet.

Equipping students through an experiential summer opportunity in which they live in intentional Christian community and are engaging other Christian adult mentors and learning facilitators who actively integrate their faith in areas of their expertise and vocation through learning opportunities. The students will also explore and experience meaningful connection to a local congregation while learning the importance of being the embodied people of God in a particular place and location. All this will be accomplished in conjunction to the students having local seasonal employment.

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We would love to have your support in this project. we ask that you would support us in prayer so that it is God who is exalted and that He is shown to others. We would also be grateful for any economic contribution if this is something that calls your heart.

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