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About Sosthene and Kara


We are called to empower Christian educators for biblically-rooted educational practices.


A Muslim-majority region, West Africa is blessed with over one hundred Christian schools nationwide. By local standards, those schools are generally highly viewed for the quality of the education they provide. However, what is a Christian education, and what are its purposes and values?  These questions are often asked by many local Christian educators. It points out a need for understanding about the foundations of Christian education and the integration of faith and learning in educational practices.

The literacy rate in West Africa, and particularly among girls, is one of the lowest in the world (UN Data, 2010). Less than a third of the teaching workforce is qualified by official standards. Locally, teaching is considered to be a low profession due in part to many challenges in the educational systems and teachers’ working conditions. Educational content and practices are still distant from the learners’ cultural values and daily realities.

Yet, in the midst of all that there is hope! Many local Christian educators long for professional development training opportunities for empowerment towards Christ-centered educational practices.

Mission and Work

Through God’s eyes we see hope and a bright future in Africa as the Kingdom goes forward. We are privileged to be a part of the process by empowering Christian educators for biblically-rooted educational practices in West Africa.

We network with various Christian schools and educators (PreK-12) across the community, visiting them on a regular basis for relationship-building. Together with the local leaders and associations of evangelical schools, we provide trainings on biblical worldview in educational practices and ongoing mentoring and coaching for teachers and school administrators.


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