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About Tara

Mission and Vision

The average North American makes no secret that their first thought of South Africa is: “is it safe there?” While this initial thought holds some embedded truth, especially given recent challenges with political corruption and economic instability, South Africa has much more to offer than security concerns. Often nicknamed the “gateway to Africa”, South Africa is a richly diverse ministry context with entryways for both the African and North American continents. My first foray of ministry in a South African context began during a seminary field education fellowship with a local Presbyterian congregation in Parkview. What started as a love story with a local church turned into the potential of loving a life and ministry partner, my verloofde (fiancé) Arendt Bosman. We hope to raise my full support by March 2024, so that I can join Arendt just a month before our wedding in South Africa.

Mission Work

My role as a Missional Networker is to serve as the bridge-builder and church matchmaker between the continents, facilitating existing partnerships and theological networks in the Gauteng province with organisations like the Tshwane Leadership Foundation, the University of Pretoria’s Centre for Faith and Community, African Urban Theology Network, and the South African L’Abri Community. My role will also include building new partnerships between Gauteng and North American churches with a focus on fostering creative projects such as preaching collaboratives, pastoral exchanges, field education experiences, lectionary resources from a Southern Hemisphere perspective, contextualized community development initiatives, and identifying opportunities and mentorships for young adults. As many South African young adults immigrate to Europe, Australia, and North America due to high levels of unemployment and political uncertainty, there is a huge need for South African churches and theological networks to develop diverse diaspora networks focused on mentorship, job skills, and practice-based urban workplace theologies.

Arendt is a software developer for FNZ, where he witnesses at his workplace through frequent interfaith conversations.

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