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About Moses and Karen

Mission & Vision

We live and serve in a young, “Christian” country that struggles with many problems.  There is corruption, poverty, twisted theologies, heretical teachings, and prosperity Gospel, poor education, poor health, social and political stress, adverse changes in weather patterns, ignorance, and, cultural changes due to technological advancement. 

We have a vision of seeing a generation of children and young people searching out Scripture and living their lives for and after Christ, fulfilling the Great Commission and transforming their communities with the whole impact of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We desire to see economically, physically, and spiritually oppressed lives and communities changing practically in the name of Jesus.

Ministry in Uganda

We, Moses & Karen, are involved in Men’s and Women’s Fellowship groups.  We desire to train church leaders and school teachers in Bible, creative teaching techniques, lesson planning, crafting, and equipping them with Sunday school materials.  We want to continue to pursue worship and music ministry, as a means of discipleship amongst young people and the worship leaders. We value prayer as a key to our ministry. We currently walk alongside a Sports Ministry team that is seeking to use sports as a means of sharing the Gospel with kids and teens.  And we are assisting a ministry that reaches out to boys living on the streets, addicted to glue and airline fuel. We also speak at youth conferences, kids’ camps, and school assemblies. Friendship evangelism with people of other religions is also important to us.

We serve with Mission Go, formerly Global Outreach Mission, and are delighted to also partner with Resonate Global Mission.

(We also dream of building a self-sustaining youth drop-in/training centre, a music studio, a nursery school, and a hospice for the elderly!)

About Karen and Moses

Karen grew up loving the Lord and wanted to serve God always. During her time at Kuyper College she met Kenyans and Ugandans who encouraged her to come to their country.  In 2009 God opened doors for Karen to go to Uganda. She has served in Uganda full-time since 2011.

Moses became a strong believer as a teen, after being led to faith by his late father, who was a former Anglican priest.  He volunteered with various NGO’s like Christian Aid, Global Care UK, New Hope Uganda, World Vision and YWAM. In 2016 he graduated from Uganda Christian University with a Master’s in Divinity, and he is awaiting the proper time for ordination.  From 2017-2019 he worked as a human resource manager at an IT / computer forensics firm, but he is also glad to be getting back into ministry. 

Support Moses and Karen

You can support Moses and Karen's work by either providing a one-time or recurring monetary gift, or by joining our prayer list.


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