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Pastors in Latin America don’t necessarily have access to the same sorts of resources that are widely available to pastors in the US and Canada. What is more, it can be hard to apply some of those resources to a Latin context. Theology produced for a North American audience often misses some of the most central challenges facing Christ-followers in Latin America.

Making the problem worse, there has recently been a rapid growth in unhealthy teachings in the church. Some churches elevate their pastors to an almost apostolic status. Others preach various versions of the prosperity gospel. These theologies can be exploitative and very harmful.

Many thousands of Latin pastors and theologians are standing up against these unhealthy theologies. They are doing marvelous work, defending the church from these harmful teachings. They are developing biblically and contextually relevant responses to the challenges faced by their communities. These pastors and theologians deserve to be celebrated. They deserve the credit for the hard work they are doing, as well as support.


UNELA, the Evangelical University of the Americas, has been training pastors and lay-leaders for ministry since 1994. Resonate has been working with UNELA since its founding, working to offer high quality theological education that strengthens the local church. UNELA occupies a very special place in the Latino church. It is one of only a handful of institutions that is both robustly evangelical and fully accredited! There are many liberal schools that will grant you a real PhD or a Masters degree. There are also many evangelical schools that aren’t accredited and can’t give their students a real degree. UNELA combines the rigor and prestige of a fully accredited university with the theological commitments necessary to train evangelical pastors.

Micah has been teaching courses at UNELA since 2016. He teaches a wide variety of Biblical Studies courses in addition to Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Greek. All of his teaching is in Spanish.

Micah’s students include pastors, church administrators, teachers, and professors from other seminaries. His favorite part of teaching is the way in which his students slowly transform into his colleagues and peers. “I’ve learned so much from my students, over the years,” says Micah. “I’m so excited to see where God leads them. I fully expect some of them to write the sorts of books that will one day find their way into Christian bookstores in North America.”

Micah also helps out at his local church, teaching Sunday School, and helping to lead the youth group. In his free time, he runs a chess club for kids in his neighborhood. He has dreams of turning the chess club into a chess team that competes in tournaments, but it could be a while before that is made into a reality.

Thank you for your support for Micah and for his work to prepare the next generation of Latin American theologians!

Thank You

I praise God for His work around the world and the privilege of serving Him. Thank you for your prayers, generosity, and support for my ministry with Resonate Global Mission. Together, by God's grace, our efforts are transforming lives and communities worldwide. Thank you.

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