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About Joyce


I want to see nothing less than world-wide revival.Maybe it?s better to put it like this: I like nothing better than seeing thriving gospel movements among the peoples and places of the world where I get to work. Somehow God has seen fit to put me in a different place for this season- -a place where I am able to be involved and influence not only at a local level, but also on a wider scale.

I am called to discern God?s movement and help recognize and call forth the gifts of others for the gospel witness to which they are called. By God?s grace, I have been placed in a position to encourage, resource and equip a wide range of others in many parts of the world where the Spirit of God is on the move.


To promote witness to the nations by mobilizing and facilitating the work of gospel workers in South and SouthEast Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Mission Work

I see God raising up not only believers from every nation, tribe, people and language, but also gospel workers and leaders. I believe that he is creating the conditions for a great outpouring of his Spirit and a great harvest. However, it is still a challenging season in missions- -one which calls for wisdom and creativity. I am thankful to be entrusted to leadership for such a time as this.

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