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About Jonathan and Janice


We believe in the power of God’s word to transform lives and communities. Translating the Bible into local languages empowers the local church and believers in their own context. God’s word is essential.
• It is the key to evangelism. 
• It is indispensable to church planting. 
• It is the basis of discipleship. 
• It is the foundation of an established church. 
• It is a giver of life, hope and peace in the midst of trials. 
• It is eternal in its impact. 
• It is the message of God’s love.


We desire to see the worldwide church strengthened. We believe strongly in Bible translation as a primary means for this growth.  God’s Word is the foundation to all of our activities as Christians. It gives indigenous churches the tool they need to grow into strong, vibrant communities that can in turn spread the Gospel to those around them. All other evangelistic and discipleship tools are grounded in the Bible. 

Mission Field

Located in west Africa, Nigeria is Africa’s most populous nation with more than 160 million people speaking more than 500 different languages. It is split roughly in half with the northern half being predominantly Muslim and the south being predominantly Christian. Despite being rich in agricultural  land, minerals and oil reserves, most  Nigerians live in poverty and the country  continues to struggle with corruption, the mismanagement of its resources, and  ethnic and religious tensions.

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