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Yakubu heard Jesus speak in his own language. Now his faith has been restored.  

Yakubu grew up a Christian but became disillusioned with the faith when he believed his pastor was abusing his position. Yakubu has since practiced his culture’s traditional religion and established a reputation as a drunkard.

Then Yakubu encountered the gospel in a way he had never heard it before thanks to the translation work of CRC missionaries.

Jonathan and his wife Janice have a heart for Bible translation. It's because of this calling that they felt called to serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators. As members of the Christian Reformed Church, they are also missionaries with Resonate through our partner missionary program. Nigeria became a perfect fit for Jonathan and Janice’s skills and passions.

“Nigeria is a country with one of the largest number of languages in the world,” says Jonathan. “We felt like our skills and passion could be used best in Nigeria.”

Jonathan was ecstatic when Wycliffe was given the opportunity to help develop dubbed versions of the Jesus Film, a movie based on the book of Luke, into about a dozen local Nigerian languages, including Duya, Yakubu’s native language.

According to Jonathan, “When people are able to see a depiction of who Christ was and what he did for them, it can be more meaningful.”

When Yakubu first saw the Jesus Film he was struck by hearing Jesus speak Duya.

“He couldn’t believe that such a film could be made, with Jesus speaking his language,” Jonathan recalls.

Yakubu was so impacted that he vowed to return to church and stop practicing his culture’s traditional religion.

Jonathan notes that, “Since seeing the film, [Yakubu] has started going to church semi-regularly and is very open about his faith.”

Jonathan was able to meet and pray with Yakubu after the dedication of the Jesus Film in Duya. He is committed to walk alongside Yakubu in his renewed faith, and is simultaneously being challenged in his own faith.

“I hope to meet with him whenever I visit his village to find out how he is doing. I plan to meet the pastor of his local church to see that there are ways that these type of people are being discipled and encouraged.”

Please join us in praying for Yakubu in his restored faith. Please also pray for Resonate missionaries like Jonathan who daily use their gifts to bring the gospel to people around the world. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Jonathan and others involved with the Jesus Film, Yakubu’s faith in Christ has been restored!