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About Sosthene and Kara

Throughout their missional calling, Sosthene and Kara have been working to shape a movement of Christian education for holistic transformation in Africa. 
Dr. Sosthene, who is originally from Central African Republic, and Kara, who grew up in Montana, have been based in Guinea, West Africa since 2013. They serve their ministry assignment alongside a wide network of churches, Christian schools, Universities, and national associations of evangelical schools in over 30 nations across Africa.
The large majority of Africa's population consists of youth ages 0-25. By the year 2050, that population is projected to double in size to reach 2.5 billion people! The urgent question, therefore, for the African church, school, and family is, "How are we going to prepare that next generation, through what model of schooling and to what end?" Due to certain historical and impact factors, Christian schooling is highly viewed in many African countries. However, what is meant by Christian education, its purposes, content, nature of its practices, and outcomes? Many local Christian educators are asking these compelling questions. 
Sosthene and Kara engage with teachers, school administrators and church leaders through biblical worldview and integration training, coaching and mentoring not only to explore answers to these questions, but to also live them out in their practices for holistic transformation. This is tangibly expressed through their ministries with ACSI where Sosthene serves as the Africa Director, and the Teacher's Garden, a Christian education resource center that seeks to develop the full potential of local teachers for an integrated and culturally relevant Christ centered education.


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