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Go Local: Preview

Are you interested in learning more about connecting with your neighbors and living your faith outside of the four walls of your home or church? Go Local: Preview is an easy way for you to discover what this process is all about and if it is a good fit for you or your congregation. 

In the Go Local: Preview workshop, we will consider where our churches are now, how the world has changed and what that might mean for us as God’s people. Through interactive engagement and practical exercises, participants are introduced to some of the ancient-new practices of The Go Local process and begin to imagine what it might look like to discover and join God in our neighborhoods in fresh ways. 

Participants will benefit from this workshop as well as use it as an opportunity to begin to discern whether their congregation is ready for the Go Local Journey.


New Workshop: The World Has Changed

The World Has Changed Workshop is a FREE webinar designed to help you and your church community consider the changes we've seen in our world, understand the implications, and explore how these changes are leading the church to a renewed understanding of what it means to be Christ's witnesses—right where God has placed us in our neighborhoods.


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Go Local Preview