May 13-15, 2021 - Virtual Event


Jesus’ words in Acts 1:8 paint a picture of what living out God’s mission means, and his encounter with the disciples on the road to Emmaus in Luke 24 models for us practices that will help us engage our neighbors and world as Jesus does and join God on “The Road to Witness.”  During the Glocal Mission Summit, our interactions through the plenary sessions, storytellers, table conversations, and breakout sessions will help you gain a refreshed vision of what God is up to in our neighborhoods and world.

*NEW* Watch the Plenary and Storytelling Sessions Below! 

Plenary Sessions

Plenary Session 1 

Jesus begins by reminding us that God’s mission starts at home. We are sent as Jesus to be an incarnational presence in our neighborhoods. This session unpacks mission in “Jerusalem” (Acts 1.8) and is related to “Jesus walking with them” (Luke 24.15).


David Fitch

    Storyteller Panel: 

    • Karen Wilk

    • David Lundberg

    • Taehoo Lee

    Plenary Session 2

    Next, Jesus reminds his disciples to proclaim his gospel to the entire region, showing how important it is to join with what God is doing in the workplace, in the grocery store, around the neighborhood, and more. We are called to engage with the questions and challenges in our broader contexts. This session unpacks mission in “Judea” (Acts 1.8) and is related to “asking” (Luke 24.17-19).


    Rachel Beveridge

    Storyteller Panel: 

    • Sebastian Maldonado

    • Kurt Rietema

    • Sparrow Etter Carlson

    Plenary Session 3

    Jesus’ disciples would have taken note of being sent to Samaria, a place in their backyard populated by people different from them.  How can we learn to listen and grow alongside people different from ourselves? This session unpacks mission in “Samaria” (Acts 1.8) and is related to “listening to the other” (Luke 24.19-27).


    John Eigege

    Storyteller Panel: 

    • Szabina Sztojka

    • Andrew Beunk

    • Laura Osborne

    Plenary Session 4

    The church is called to have a global perspective, investing in God's work everywhere. We are invited to return to our daily life and work with new eyes & hearts, sent by the Spirit to witness “Glocally.”  This session unpacks mission in the “ends of the Earth” (Acts 1.8) and is related to the opportunity to “reimagine and re-interpret” (Luke 24.28-35).



    Ruth Padilla-DeBorst

    Storyteller Panel: 

    • Mario Matos

    • John Lee 

    • David Kromminga


    Breakout Sessions

    Choose one breakout session that interests you most.
    Some sessions may be recorded for viewing after the summit.


    Evangelism for Everyone: It's Not the 80's Anymore

    Resourcing your congregation for everyday evangelism.


    Reimagining Church: Forward Thinking in Our Present COVID Reality

    A panel discussion on how every church needs to act like a church plant coming out of COVID.


    Engaging Our Neighbors in a Changing World 

    How our congregations can join the Holy Spirit on mission in our neighborhoods. 


    A New Day in Mission: Understanding Mission 

    We will explore who God is and what God is about as we participate in God's mission and reflect on our daily life in the home, neighborhood, and workplace.


    Self-care and Resilience in Tough Ministry Times

    Exploring and identifying pathways for self-care during this difficult ministry season.


    A Church for All Nations: Leading a Multi-ethnic, Multi-cultural Community

    We will explore lessons learned from crossing cultural boundaries in an immigrant community in Berlin with examples also from North American ministries.


    Becoming a Congregation that Connects with Your New Neighbors from Around the World

    We will share practical insights from the lessons learned by a Toronto church on building friendships with a diaspora and immigrant community.


    Every Member a Missionary

    We will equip leaders to spark the missional imagination of each church member. 


    Discerning Your Own Path in Mission

    We will introduce you to the heart, hand, head approach for your own deeper missional engagement.


    Forming a Missional Heart in Children and Young People

    Experienced practitioners will walk through principles of missional and spiritual formation for the next generation.


    Healing the Racial Divide

    The CRC has not been immune to the racial tensions of the recent past and beyond. This is an inquiry workshop on the faithful expression of the gospel healing the racial divide.


    What Millennials Can Teach the Church about Mission and Ministry

    We will explore lessons learned on mission and ministry from and with young adults.


    Phygital:  Planting Digital Churches

    In today's world, real community also takes place online. This workshop will introduce you to the exciting world of digital church planting. 


    An Audacious Dream: An Introduction to Church Planting in the CRC

    We will share the collaborative work in the denomination around church planting and will introduce you to the 3 models we are pursuing.


    Discipling and Mentoring Generation Z

    We will explore discipling and mentoring principles and practices from and with university students.


    Creation Care and Community Outreach

    Learning from young mission leaders in a Central American context on the powerful connection between creation care and community outreach. This session is in Spanish with English translation provided.


    Healing Hearts: How Reconciliation and Forgiveness is Critical for Mission

    We will introduce you to the ministry of Healing Hearts, Transforming Nations and its restorative impact on several communities around the world.


    Developing and Multiplying Missional Communities

    An experienced missiologist will provide an introduction to missional communities through the story of a flourishing church in Montreal.


    Micro Churches:  A Church Planting Strategy for Today's Context

    You will be introduced to the micro church movement through the innovative work at Grand Valley State University Campus Ministry.


    Mission as a Guest on the Land

    We will learn and engage in the listening and hospitality practices of Hearts Exchanged - an immersive ministry of justice and reconciliation with Indigenous communities...that starts with taking the posture of being a guest!