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Glocal Mission Podcast

How do we join God's mission locally and globally?

Join us for this six-part Glocal pilot podcast as we meet ministry leaders from around North America as they live out the gospel in their own contexts.

Stories of God at work - globally and locally - abound. Stories of church planters, missionaries, community developers, evangelists, campus pastors, and many more continue to inspire lay leaders, pastors, and para-church people to re-engage, re-imagine, and rejoice in joining God on mission in their own contexts.

This experimental podcast is a modest attempt to share some of those great stories of mission in six episodes that are loosely structured around Resonate's six North American ministry regions. Each episode features a short interview with one of Resonate's regional leaders followed by a deeper dive into one particular ministry and expression of mission in that region.  

Thank you for engaging!  Please pass on the invitation for others to do the same. 


Episode 1, Eastern USA

Marco Avila, Justin Ruddy

On this first episode of the Glocal Mission Podcast, your hosts Nalini Suganandam and Rich Braaksma introduce the idea of "glocal" (mission from everywhere to everywhere) before turning their focus to Resonate's Eastern USA region.  Nalini interviews Regional Mission Leader Marco Avila about life and ministry and then Rich visits Justin Ruddy and Resurrection Church in East Boston to hear about church planting in a diverse and unique urban context.

Episode 2, Western USA

Clarence Presley, Tim Soerens

On this second episode of the Glocal Mission Podcast, your hosts Nalini Suganandam and Rich Braaksma explore the topics of micro-churches, holistic networks, and 3rd spaces (like coffeeshops). Nalini speaks with Western USA Regional Mission Leader Clarence Presley about the church movements in his region and then Rich discusses parish ministry with Tim Soerens.

Episode 3, Western Canada

Rich Braaksma, Shellie Power

On this third episode of the Glocal Mission Podcast, Nalini gives Rich Braaksma an opportunity to share more about his region of Western Canada. and then Rich speaks with Shellie Power about her work as the Executive Director of Hope Centre Ministries and ministry with people with disabilities.

Episode 4, Great Lakes

Amy Schenkel, Jennifer Pugh

In this episode, Nalini speaks with Great Lakes Regional Mission Leader Amy Schenkel about how she and her husband became church planters and the diversity of ministry in the Great Lakes region. Rich then talks with Jennifer Pugh and discusses her work as Executive Director of Community Hope in Missaukee County, MI.


Episode 5, Central USA

Peter Kelder, Alex Schorr

Join us for episode 5 as we journey to the Central US region.  First, Nalini sits down with Peter Kelder for some in-depth reflections on the region, and a blessing to listeners as he retires from many years of service as Central USA Regional Mission Leader. Then, Rich sits down with campus minister Alex Schorr at Loyola University in Chicago to learn about vibrant and unique missional opportunities there.