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How It Works

Why Global Coffee Break Works

Global Coffee Break is different! The format engages members and drives participation right from the start. While many Bible studies involve a long teaching portion, our Discover Your Bible material focuses on conversational learning and Bible exploration. Conversations help to build relationships within the group and offer a supportive environment where people can grow and thrive.

Discover Your Bible guides are rooted in three formational principles: Activate, Together, & Welcome!



Global Coffee Break helps group members move from inactive listeners to active learners through three formational steps:

  • Reading: Reading the text on your own, rather than listening first, helps participants learn and engage the text.
  • Asking: Considering questions in three key areas inform true biblical understanding.
    • Observation: What does it say?
    • Interpretation: What does it mean?
    • Application: What does it mean for me or us?
  • Engaging: Utilizing outside resources such as glossaries, study notes, and commentaries, participants explore the text in a whole new way, make meaning, and enhance the discovery process.


Coming together for small group conversations builds relationships, creates community, and fosters spiritual growth and transformation.

  • We build relationships through leader-facilitated, Bible discovery-style conversation where group members listen and learn from one another.
  • We create community through trustworthy and loving relationships that form through sharing life together and bonus.
  • We see growth and transformation as group members spend time in God’s Word and with one another.


Global Coffee Break is designed to welcome all levels of Bible readers to learn and explore God’s story.

  • Leaders are equipped to create safe space and facilitate discussion for all members, no matter where they are on their spiritual journey.
  • Inviting others to join is highly encouraged. There is always a seat at the table.
GCB Welcome


Global Coffee Break is designed to welcome all levels of Bible readers to learn and explore God’s story.