The Central US Regional Team is connected to Resonate Global Mission and is made up of five local mission leaders. The Central US Region is comprised of 203 congregations in 10 classes that span 16 states. These 203 congregations range from urban, suburban, small town, and rural contexts. The Central US team is available to any and all congregations for consultations and training in the areas of developing leaders, mission-shaped congregations, and assisting to create holistic mission networks or partnerships. It is the desire of this team to come alongside your ministry to discern where God is working in your context and to experiment with ways to participate with Him there.


The Central US Regional Team brings a background of diverse experiences, missional imagination, and even a bit of wisdom to our partnership with Classis, congregations, and leaders.

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Resonate regional staff are working to increase the number of connections among God's people. Together, congregations and leaders can work for spiritual and social transformation.

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