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About this Campus Ministry

We exist to... 

  • Evangelize and disciple students with a special focus on African American and Hispanic students 
  • Pray persistently for God to create, nurture, and develop a disciple-making-ministry among faculty, staff, and students: Psalm 2:8 and Matthew 9:37,38 
  • Organize small group Bible studies and other gathering event to cultivate community as a context for teaching and preaching the Word of God 
  • Mentor and disciple students through one-on-one ministry, especially with students that demonstrate an eagerness to grow spiritually 
  • Recruit students to serve in ministry through evangelism among their friends and extended family networks
  • Meet the parent(s) of students through face-to-face visits in order to network with gate-keepers that influence students with a view to evangelizing the family system  
  • Relate the fruit of evangelism to the local churches, especially those CRC churches in the Black and Hispanic neighborhoods of Chicago