You planted the seed that helped Reverend Wilson Nguu (right) empower growth in the community.

You empowered a community to grow physically, spiritually, and relationally.

Reverend Wilson Nguu has three jobs in Kirigi Village in Embu, Kenya: he is a pastor, a public school teacher, and a subsistence coffee farmer.

He is a diligent and capable worker, but pastors in his region are not paid, and teachers do not make enough money to support themselves and their families. So, like many people in his community, Wilson relies on farming to help feed his family.

But he and his community had a problem. Their farms weren’t yielding sufficient crops.

You planted a new seed.

Embu is a lush region with rivers, streams, and plentiful rainfall. But despite putting a lot of time and muscle into the land, the harvest was small—and Wilson was spending so much time working his land that he had little time and energy to spend discipling his church.

Thanks to your support, Wilson was able to participate in a Timothy Leadership Training (TLT) program. Facilitated by Resonate, TLT provides affordable, doctrinally sound, and effective leadership training on topics such as Christian stewardship that leaders use to sustain spiritual growth in their churches.

Wilson felt convicted that there was a better way to care for the land God had blessed him with. He developed an action plan to apply new farming techniques. Within a year and a half, the government declared him the best up-and-coming coffee farmer in the community.

But Wilson is not the only one who benefited from the TLT training.

You empowered new growth.

“As a public teacher and church leader, I expected Wilson to touch his parishioners and fellow teachers,” said Resonate's regional mission leader for eastern and southern Africa.

But God works in unexpected ways, and the TLT training had a surprising impact on Wilson’s farming community.

“People flock to see and learn from him,” 

Wilson’s farming success brought his community together. It allowed him to share about God’s faithfulness with more people. Now, many people in Wilson’s community are better able to provide for their families.

“When they take care of the earth, it will feed them and add to their income,” the regional leader said. “But it has to be done God’s way.”

Thank you for planting the seed of Christian stewardship in Wilson. You made it possible for him to empower growth in his community.