Caroline Ndeti developed a TLT action plan to help transform her family and faith community.

Proverbs 31 tells of a faithful woman who diligently invests in her family and faith community. Inspired by a Timothy Leadership Training (TLT) facilitated by Resonate Global Mission, Caroline Ndeti decided to do just that.

And as she persevered through setbacks, God gave her more than expected.

Thinking Beyond the Sunday School Classroom

Caroline is a Sunday School teacher at Empuyiankat Methodist Church in Kitengela, Kenya. After her pastor attended a TLT training and saw the change in communities TLT inspired, he recommended Caroline join TLT.

Eager to join, Caroline gained valuable skills and discovered that her leadership could expand beyond her Sunday School classroom. She learned that God had entrusted her with entrepreneurial gifts, and she felt inspired to use those gifts to honor God and give generously to her church.

She started with poultry.

Stewarding Gifts

To increase her income so she could tithe more to her church, Caroline created an action plan to start poultry farming. She gathered wood, nails, corrugated iron, and chicken mesh and built a chicken coop that could hold more than 200 chickens!

But then she visited several poultry farms to buy hatchlings and found that there had been a disease outbreak. They could not sell any hatchlings to Caroline.

Nevertheless, Caroline persevered. She was determined to make changes in her life and give back to her church community.


When Caroline saw that she could not move forward on her first action plan, she immediately made another action plan to plant a vegetable garden using drip irrigation.

“Today I am selling sukumawiki (kale), onions, tomatoes and this has boosted my income” she reported excitedly. The produce provides her with an income and her family now eats a balanced diet.

But that's not all!

Beyond Expectations

God is faithful, and even though her original plan to start a poultry farm fell through, the disease passed. Caroline now has 20 birds that supply eggs and meat for her family. She sells the extra to the local market.

Now, Caroline has an extra source of income not just from her poultry farm, but from harvesting vegetables too! Caroline is proud to tithe from the work of her hands.

Praise God for transforming the lives of individuals through TLT! Because of your support, those individuals make big changes in their lives and communities.